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October 2017

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2017.

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Book Review

Legacy of a King

by Hannah Hohman

"Legacy of a King" is an intriguing, immersive love story set in magical and medieval times. Charlene Sponsel’s "Legacy of a King" is a spellbinding tale of medieval life, love, and politics with magic woven in throughout. Lili is used... Read More

Book Review

The Rocket Girl's Tale

by Hannah Hohman

The Rocket Girl’s Tale is an appealing story of love, intrigue, and shooting for the stars. K. Hippolite’s The Rocket Girl’s Tale is an intriguing work of science fiction led by a heroine who knows her values, though she doesn’t... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Voidstalker" is an engaging science-fiction adventure that marks the beginning of a fascinating new series. John Graham’s "Voidstalker" is an explosively fun science-fiction adventure in which a team directed to protect alien... Read More

Book Review

A Wolf among the Sheep

by Benjamin Welton

This is no ordinary lycanthrope tale, but is instead driven by a highly empathetic beast. Something very weird is happening in the sleepy town of Grand, Oklahoma. A string of animal attacks occurring on full-moon nights starts a rumor... Read More

Book Review

My Unsung Soul

by Joseph S. Pete

With its expansive takes on melancholia and romance, "My Unsung Soul" is a soulful and vivacious collection of poetry. Poet Derrick DerRon Holloway embarks on an inward journey through his book "My Unsung Soul", traveling a lengthy... Read More

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