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The Rocket Girl's Tale

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The Rocket Girl’s Tale is an appealing story of love, intrigue, and shooting for the stars.

K. Hippolite’s The Rocket Girl’s Tale is an intriguing work of science fiction led by a heroine who knows her values, though she doesn’t know her past. Love and magic come into play as she works to remember her background and to take control of her own destiny.

Reiki is a beautiful young woman who has just received two unwanted things: a rejection letter and a proposal. Running away from both brings her to Arthur Galenden, a man with money and a reputation.

When Reiki mentions the problems she’s been having with her boyfriend, Arthur senses an opportunity. When he first tries to woo her, though, she turns him down. His feelings are only complicated when a powerful woman sets her sights on him; turning her down would be a social disaster. The complication, though, opens up another chance for Arthur to pursue Reiki.

Reiki is drawn to Arthur initially, but details about him are revealed that turn her attraction to disgust. Arthur can’t forget her, but she is certain that he doesn’t actually care. As Reiki evades Arthur, the powerful woman who wants him decides that Reiki must pay for Arthur’s interest. All of this is only complicated when Reiki, in order to keep information with wide implications from falling into the wrong hands, is forced to lose her memory.

As the triangle unfolds, each new layer of the story proves more complex than the last. Reiki is a more complex heroine than she initially appears to be, with a past that is rich and storied. Arthur, though he initially seems to be all money and charm, is also deeper than appearances, and his slowly revealed kindness makes him a dynamic lead.

At times, Reiki’s interactions with the men in her life veer into Mary Sue tropes; everyone finds her beautiful and wants her. But her rich characterization prevents the story from becoming clichéd. She is not a prop in men’s plotlines; she lives and acts for herself.

Reiki’s intriguing past is revealed in tantalizing bits and pieces, though the story focuses more on her present and her attempts to regain self-knowledge after her imposed memory loss—with Arthur’s help.

Though in many ways Reiki’s story is a romance, the science-fiction aspects of the story are often more intriguing. Her aspirations to travel through space and her unique abilities lead to a layered story. Reiki’s is a universe that operates under a fascinating set of rules.

The Rocket Girl’s Tale is an appealing story of love, intrigue, and shooting for the stars.

Reviewed by Hannah Hohman

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