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October 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2014.

Book Review

Magic Teacher's Son

by Susan Waggoner

Earth may be the solution for two otherworldly forces battling for control in this richly plotted fantasy novel. Wizards and sorcerers battle for control of the planet Rados in the well-written and richly imagined Magic Teacher’s Son,... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Newby

"Gibraltar" is a semihistorical novel with a unique and provocative narrative. Gibraltar: The Conquest of Iberia is Shariq Ali Khan’s historical, sometimes fantastical, treatment of the Moorish invasion of Spain in the early eighth... Read More

Book Review

Song of the Sending

by Catherine Thureson

This unique and entertaining fantasy novel becomes more engrossing with each turn of the page. In "Song of the Sending", an engrossing and highly entertaining novel by Corinne O’Flynn, Jim, a young man from another world, discovers... Read More

Book Review

Making a Living, Making a Life

by Geraldine Richards

This collection of professional, passionate speeches on various topics challenges the audience to consider what makes a successful life. "Making a Living, Making a Life" is a collection of speeches and essays by Daniel Rose. Visitors to... Read More

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