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October 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2014.

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Book Review

Handmaidens of Rock

by Patty Comeau

"Handmaidens of Rock" is an energetic and enjoyable exploration of the fears, hopes, and dreams of a wartime generation. Linda Gould’s "Handmaidens of Rock" reimagines the Summer of Love period, resulting in a pleasurable trip through... Read More

Book Review

Giving Up the Ghost

by Maya Fleischmann

Themes of sadness, faith, and the metaphysical are examined in this journey from grief to recovery and restoration. In this reassuring narrative, licensed social worker and spiritual medium, Karen Schultz reveals how grief can lead to... Read More

Book Review

To the Village Square

by Matt Sutherland

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima—what a difference an accident or three makes. From the earliest days of nuclear power’s sixty-year history, industry insiders downplayed the risks, but a small number of committed activists... Read More

Book Review

Yoga for Breast Care

by Margaret Cullison

Designed specifically for women’s health, this important book is accessible for even beginning yogis. Bobby Clennell brings knowledge of breast health to women at all stages of adult life in Yoga for Breast Care: What Every Woman Needs... Read More

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