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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 550 pages.

Book Review

Thread for Pearls

by Edith Wairimu

"Thread for Pearls" is inspirational as its heroine overcomes complicated circumstances in her search for home. Lauren Speeth’s "Thread for Pearls" is a touching and inspirational historical novel about self-discovery in challenging... Read More

Book Review

Protecting the Planet

by Anna Call

Covering the science and history of climate change, "Protecting the Planet" represents an ambitious attempt to cover the entire context of climate change, from origins to possible solutions. Unfortunately, it is only partially... Read More

Book Review

Nectar Fragments

In terms of Nectar it is implausible. Nectar’s such a … well such a sensible little community. But in terms of the world at large believe me it’s Nectar that’s implausible. “The Connection” Reading short stories is something... Read More

Book Review

Cause and Conscience

by Marlene Satter

First-time readers need not fear trying this the fourth volume of author Purl’s BBC Radio drama converted into a series of engaging novels. There’s a directory to the (large) cast of characters in the back of the book. And although... Read More

Book Review

Behold, This Dreamer

by Jo-Ann Graziano

Miller’s debut Southern epic chronicles the formative years of a man consumed by the best kind of hubris-the pride to withstand any adversity. Janson Sanders, half American Indian, half-white, comes of marrying age in the depression... Read More