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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 466 pages.

Book Review

Nobody Knows

by Delia Stanley

"Nobody Knows" is a faith-focused novel concerning the mistakes and accomplishments within an eventful life. In Larry Schneiderman’s generational drama "Nobody Knows", a conflicted family man deals with love affairs, illness, and his... Read More

Book Review

I Can't Breathe!

by John Senger

This compelling and chilling story of corporate and child abuse is one that needs to be told. H. M. Bowker’s mystery novel, I Can’t Breathe! Libby, Montana 1958, is a tale of child abuse, death, and corporate exploitation of human... Read More

Book Review

The Underground

by Jill Allen

Books in which supernatural beings thrive among unwitting humans remain quite popular. Imagine a setting in which these otherworldly creatures, known as “zots” in Roxane Bland’s debut novel "The Underground", fear exposure by... Read More

Book Review

Battling the Inner Dummy

by Judy Hopkins

Forget the devil. Blame the brain. That’s what business consultant and popular psychology writer Weiner might say to those who wonder what makes a normal person occasionally act more like a caveman than a sane man. Whether it’s a fit... Read More

Book Review


by Herbert H. Krauss

The eminent psychiatrist and neurologist Fritz Redlich, MD, formerly Chair of Psychiatry and Dean of Yale’s School of Medicine and currently Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at UCLA, aimed to write a pathography of Adolph Hitler... Read More