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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 352 pages.

Book Review

Any Other World Will Do

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Alex Lubertozzi’s science fiction novel "Any Other World Will Do" presents an alien vision of Earth’s possible future. It’s a send-up of the genre that wraps its earnest warning in plausible deniability. In 1986, Barcelona teems... Read More

Book Review

Autumn Leaves, 1922

by Claire Foster

"Autumn Leaves, 1922" is a sumptuous spy romp with an irresistible heroine. Glamorous gossip columnist Kiki is bereaved and beauty-starved when she returns to Paris from her mother’s deathbed in Australia. The jazz age is in full... Read More

Book Review

Spirits Abroad

by Eileen Gonzalez

Ghosts, dragons, and darker creatures populate the short stories of Zen Cho’s captivating collection "Spirits Abroad". In this book: spirits are everywhere. Some are friendly enough, while some go to horrific extremes to get what they... Read More

Book Review

Honey Mine

by Michael Elias

Camille Roy’s rich literary collection "Honey Mine" features outcasts and shows what it’s like to live as one. In the book’s sixteen short entries (both prose and poetry pieces), the character who speaks is always named Camille.... Read More

Book Review

The Book of Otto and Liam

by Mari Carlson

In his heartwrenching novel "The Book of Otto and Liam", Paul Griner traces the hard-fought healing of a school shooting victim’s father. The story is told through short snippets and vignettes. It starts on an anniversary of the event,... Read More

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