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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 352 pages.

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Book Review

Fire and Vengeance

by Delia Stanley

In Robert McCaw’s winding thriller, a conflicted cop wrangles a conspiracy and a family emergency. When a volcanic vent explodes under an elementary school, it leaves ten children dead. There is evidence that people knew about the... Read More

Book Review

These Nameless Things

by Karen Rigby

In a purgatorial village that’s dwindled to nine members—all of whom were traumatized in a mountainous “city of suffering”—change is brewing. Shawn Smucker’s "These Nameless Things" is an enigmatic allegory on post-traumatic... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In Jamie Foley’s "Emberhawk", a young woman escapes into enemy territory, hoping to save her people; there, she faces the prices of pride and of faith in an unstable deity. Driven by unceasing drought and her mother’s untreatable... Read More

Book Review

Coconut Layer Cake Murder

by Angela McQuay

Cozy mysteries don’t get any cozier than Joanne Fluke’s, and her latest in the Hannah Swensen series, Coconut Layer Cake Murder, is no exception. Hannah is a baker and amateur sleuth who’s ordered to take a vacation after a... Read More

Book Review

No More Nice Girls

by Danielle Ballantyne

Journalist Lauren McKeon interrogates the insidious and invisible power structures that keep women down, and shows how women “disrupt and reimagine” those structures, in "No More Nice Girls", a book all about the paradoxes of... Read More

Book Review

The Way of the Brave

by Karen Rigby

Susan May Warren’s Christian romance "The Way of the Brave" applies a razor-sharp eye to a suspenseful climb of Denali and its characters’ private wars. Orion is a former pararescue jumper who served in Afghanistan. Jenny is a... Read More

Book Review

The Opposite of Falling Apart

by Jaime Herndon

Micah Good’s "The Opposite of Falling Apart" includes a meet-cute, angst, and lots of introspection as its characters confront weighty issues. Jonas, an amputee, and Brennan, a girl with severe anxiety, are hardly a perfect match, but... Read More

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