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Book Review

Apocalypse: Managed

by Karen Rigby

An engaging, ragtag group makes their way through a changed landscape in "Apocalypse: Managed", an eccentric end times novel. In Jonathan Andrew’s amusing farcical novel "Apocalypse: Managed" a British middle manager defends his... Read More

Book Review

An Adventure with Abba Father

by John M. Murray

In the faith-filled novel "An Adventure with Abba Father", an exuberant girl brings a small town together. In Daisy Ruth Oñate Sohne’s Christian novel "An Adventure with Abba Father", a family moves to a new town and discovers the... Read More

Book Review

A Matter of Control

by Edith Wairimu

In J. E. Solinski’s intriguing young adult novel A Matter of Control, a well-meaning English teacher tries to motivate her students, though they do not always understand her intentions. Despite thriving in Detroit’s underground drug... Read More

Book Review

Mt. Moriah's Wake

by Karen Rigby

Mt. Moriah’s Wake is an eloquent novel in which a woman experiences a spiritual homecoming and embraces love. In Melissa Norton Carro’s elegiac novel Mt. Moriah’s Wake, a woman confronts grief about her past and her resultant... Read More

Book Review

The Chaplain

by Claire Foster

In the historical novel "The Chaplain", a man moves from seminary to shepherding his own congregation, always maintaining his sense of faith. In Norbert Huber’s historical novel "The Chaplain", a Civil War minister refuses to choose... Read More

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