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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 310 pages.

Book Review

Clio Rising

by Monica Carter

Paula Martinac’s latest novel, "Clio Rising", is both a story of lesbian friendship and a literary mystery. Livvie Bliss—a young, out lesbian fresh from the North Carolina countryside—and Clio Hartt—a closeted lesbian known for... Read More

Book Review

Veins of Gold

by Karen Rigby

Fantasy novelist Charlie N. Holmberg fuses melodrama, romance, and magic in "Veins of Gold", a fanciful tale set in nineteenth-century Utah. Anime flourishes and unpredictable marvels pave a young woman’s path toward belief. Gentry... Read More

Book Review

Night Shift

by Claire Foster

"Night Shift" takes a “come one, come all” approach to erotica, with diverse body types, couplings, fetishes, and toys: nothing is off limits. "Night Shift" is funny, pervy erotica that explores the late night capers of a naive porn... Read More

Book Review

The Unspeakable

by Jennifer Miller

Detectives are given insights into the hopes and dreams of young immigrant children in this gripping murder mystery. James Paavola’s suspenseful thriller "The Unspeakable" centers around the unconscionable act of child sex trafficking.... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

This absolutely enthralling fantasy tests the limits of imagination. Robin Shortt’s "Wellside" is an amazingly creative fantasy novel about two young adults who face uncertain futures and who go on a mind-bending journey. The book... Read More

Book Review

Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple

by Daniel L. Thacker

This is a thought-provoking science fiction novel full of mystery and excitement. In her fascinating and haunting science fiction novel, "Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple", Lisa Pell examines the folly of man through the eyes of a woman... Read More

Book Review

The Eight-Day Clock

by Scott Neuffer

"The Eight-Day Clock" has a sharp critical edge that sets it apart from any genre exercise and puts it into the realm of literary fiction and vital political satire. Dale Swanson’s new novel is a subversive noir tale set in the... Read More

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