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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 296 pages.

Book Review

Take a Left at Tomorrow

by Kristen Rabe

"Take a Left at Tomorrow" is a compelling love story that recreates landmark events of the late 1960s. As the novel opens, Joey, a bright, pretty teenager growing up near the Minnesota Iron Range, juggles her high school classes with... Read More

Book Review

Champagne Charlie

by Amy O'Loughlin

Don and Petie Kladstrup’s "Champagne Charlie" is the enjoyable biography of Charles Heidsieck, a dazzling, daring, and adroit French champagne merchant who risked his life and limbs to sell his esteemed bubbly to Americans in the... Read More

Book Review

The Vote Collectors

by Jeff Fleischer

While false claims of voter fraud have become common in recent years, the 2018 congressional midterm for North Carolina’s Ninth District featured the rare case of actual fraud, with illegal ballots from rural Bladen County causing the... Read More

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