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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 295 pages.

Book Review

Simon's Mansion

by Eileen Gonzalez

Expressive descriptions and heart-wrenching exchanges make Simon’s Mansion a raw LGBTQ+ novel. Past mistakes haunt a recovering drug addict in William Poe’s intense novel Simon’s Mansion. After surviving a religious cult and... Read More

Book Review

A Lady in Havana

by Karen Rigby

"A Lady in Havana" is self-referential, winking, and thoroughly situated in the Cuban culture of yesteryear. Ashley Morgan’s entertaining novel of passion and persuasion, "A Lady in Havana", puts a Floridian housewife in the eye of a... Read More

Book Review

The Bone Curse

by Mya Alexice

Carrie Rubin’s "The Bone Curse" supplements the usual medical thriller storyline with elements of Vodou and the occult. The result is a polished, entertaining novel. Ben Oris is an endearing med student who leans heavily on science as... Read More

Book Review

The Clan Calling

by Tia Smith

Terrien’s is a unique world with strong character relationships and a chilling underlying mystery. Wendy Terrien’s "The Clan Calling" is an eerie urban fantasy novel driven by character relationships and a desperate desire for... Read More

Book Review

The Moon Pearl

by Catherine Thureson

A rich fantasy landscape, engaging characters, and a masterfully woven plot make this book hard to put down. "The Moon Pearl" is an enjoyable fantasy adventure filled with magic and mythology. Three friends must face some truly daunting... Read More

Book Review

The Shimmering Go-Between

by Peter Dabbene

Whimsical yet sincere, this Russian doll of a novel blends traditional and contemporary literary techniques. Lee Klein spins the bizarre but touching story of an autofellating widower and a woman prone to virgin births in his debut... Read More

Book Review

Of Little Faith

by Julia Ann Charpentier

A raw yet sensitive portrayal of hypocrisy set against the backdrop of the tumultuous 1960s presents the struggles of a liberal woman in the context of her conservative family and upbringing. Brutally frank and devastatingly real, this... Read More

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