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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 293 pages.

Book Review

Weird Earth

by Rebecca Foster

In addition to teaching college-level geology and paleontology, Donald R. Prothero is committed to debunking fallacies and conspiracy theories, and his book "Weird Earth" uses logic to refute fringe beliefs about the way the world works.... Read More

Book Review


by Meg Nola

With a surety of time and place, this biting novel depicts a South still marked by racism. In Gray Stewart’s intriguing "Haylow", Travis Hemperly is lured back to his hometown of Atlanta by a surprising job offer to teach history at... Read More

Book Review

Collision Course

by Lisa Bower

Gleason captures a time when courtship was full of sweet surprises. Like Grandma Moses, eighty-four-year-old Chuck Gleason found his talent later in life. Gleason uses his own marriage of six decades to shape his novel, "Collision... Read More

Book Review

MANipulated into Fear

by Elizabeth Millard

One of the more hidden forms of abuse comes when a romantic partner, parent, or boss creates a hostile environment by preying on a person’s fears or self-doubt. This type of emotional abuse can be devastating and have long-lasting... Read More

Book Review

The Lighthouse Road

by Karen Ackland

Thea Eide, a beautiful young Norwegian woman seeking a better life, immigrates to Gunflint, Minnesota, to work on her aunt and uncle’s farm. By the time she reaches her destination, a place that looks surprisingly like the home she... Read More

Book Review

Soldiers for Sale

by John Michael Senger

It may still be largely true that Canada is so very near at hand yet so very far away in our understanding. But in Soldiers for Sale, Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy opens a wide window on an historically and culturally significant episode in... Read More

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