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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 267 pages.

Book Review

The Man

by Mari Carlson

"The Man" is a robust biography that pays tribute to Alfred M. Best, the founder of a credit rating business. Put together by the company he founded, Alfred M. Best’s biography "The Man" reveals him in the context of his family and... Read More

Book Review

Black Oak

by Philip Zozzaro

In the fantasy novel "Black Oak", citizens across two eras reckon with strange creatures among them. Sightings of shadowy creatures haunt the citizens of a Kansas suburb in Titus Murphy’s fantasy novel "Black Oak". In the early 1800s,... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

A strong standalone start to a fantasy series, Bladeseeker: Convergent Fates focuses on compelling relationships and intense action to make a lasting impression. Roy Blackstone’s Bladeseeker: Convergent Fates is an energetic young... Read More

Book Review

Islands on the Fringe

by Susan Waggoner

Islands of the Fringe is a wonderful account of a trip across the Pacific and a few seasons of island life. S. Jacques Stratton’s memoir, "Islands on the Fringe", is a bursting-with-life account of living on a tiny Pacific island... Read More

Book Review

Wolf's Mouth

by Julia Jenkins

This breathlessly paced, plot-driven action novel covers a wide range of historical, geographical, and emotional ground. With Wolf’s Mouth, John Smolens offers suspense, intricate plotting, sweeping historical subjects, violence, love,... Read More

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