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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 197 pages.

Book Review

Hurry up and Relax

by Peter Dabbene

Nathan Leslie’s short story collection Hurry Up and Relax focuses on the messy, humorous lives of downtrodden characters. Failure is the common thread between these stories, which, though most offer easy laughs, are surgically acute... Read More

Book Review

Bent Not Broken

by Stephanie Bucklin

In this touching and heartbreaking novel, a young girl struggles to fit together parts of her life while dealing with a traumatic brain injury, navigating the mazes of family, friendship, and personal identity. Lorna Schultz... Read More

Book Review

White Plume

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

This funny adventure in the Ottoman Empire illuminates a slice of history not often covered in young-adult fiction. When King James the III of England and VIII of Scotland gifts young Charles Henby with a white-feathered tricorn hat,... Read More

Book Review

Lessons of Labor

by Shannan Spitz

Aziz conveys the conflicting feelings that parents can hold simultaneously, offering an enlightening read for new parents. In her simple and straightforward memoir, Lessons of Labor: One Woman’s Self-Discovery through Birth and... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Walker

With its manga-style illustration on the cover and its sexual content, Natsuya Uesugi’s latest novel, grydscaen: utopia, seems set to appeal to a certain segment of adult fans of the popular Japanese graphic-novel genre. The volume is... Read More

Book Review

Holy Spokes

by Joe Taylor

For the relative beginner or the casual rider who wants to ramp up participation in the activity, "Holy Spokes" is a good fit. Rob Coppolillo serves as an ambassador and an advocate, selling the activity of biking as fun, cheap, healthy,... Read More

Book Review

Soljer Soljer

by Mark McLaughlin

Army life on the frontier, regardless of where that frontier is situated, is much the same today as it was for the legions of Rome or the regiments of the East India Company. It is uniformly dull and boring, enlivened slightly by... Read More

Book Review

Thailand Transformed: 1950-2012

by Mark McLaughlin

Few Americans realize that England’s Queen Elizabeth II is not the world’s longest-reigning living monarch. As Culver S. Ladd informs readers, that achievement belongs to Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was crowned king of Thailand in 1946.... Read More

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