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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 197 pages.

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Book Review

Blows to the Head

For those who’ve never ventured into a boxing gym, the sport can sometimes seem the brutal, mysterious realm of grizzled trainers and hardened athletes. In that light, the image of a middle-aged female Jewish psychotherapist tying on... Read More

Book Review

March to a Promised Land

“Now, it was forty years later [after the early 1960s civil rights battles in Alabama] and my memory was still forged like a slab of iron. I wondered was all the fighting worth it? The dogs and fire hoses? The tragedy of little... Read More

Book Review

Sun Dog Days

“Old Cowboys never die. They just ride off into the sunset.” That adage could be the theme of this funny, yet thoughtful book about dreams and destinies and how the two aren’t always the same. Buck, who used to be a cowboy, has... Read More

Book Review

Pius XII and the Holocaust

by George Cohen

Pope Pius XII, head of the Roman Catholic Church during World War II, did not speak out publicly against the destruction of Europe’s Jews. With increasing frequency over the years, scholars have addressed the issue of papal silence and... Read More

Book Review

The Hunger Bone

by Edward Morris

Marquart’s prose is so spare, direct, and free of posturing that one wonders at first just what attraction rock music holds for her. As these twenty-one tales play out, it becomes apparent that she is not so much fascinated by the... Read More

Book Review

Keeping Food Fresh

by Diane Conners

In a world where some newspaper editors actually have the gall to feature the newest Twinkie-like processed “foods” on their food pages, this book is a relief. It is infused with the spirit of growing or buying food locally with... Read More

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