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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 135 pages.

Book Review

Your Conscience

by Matt Benzing

With its direct language and practical exercises, "Your Conscience" is a standout spirituality text. Leonard Perlmutter’s self-help text "Your Conscience" applies spiritual insights to the challenges of everyday living. The book begins... Read More

Book Review

The King of Nothing Much

by Jeff Fleischer

A forty-something father copes with his changing circumstances, grappling with his role in his family and society, in Jesse Edward Johnson’s literary novella "The King of Nothing Much". This enjoyable novel blends everyday humor with a... Read More

Book Review

Dead Man’s Float

by Matt Sutherland

The fix is in: we are hopeless Jim Harrison fans, and his recent death moved our reverence beyond reason—he alone spoke our Mother Tongue. In a forty-plus year career, Harrison authored thirty-six books, most of them collections of... Read More

Book Review

100 Chinese Silences

by Matt Sutherland

All nature of tired, absurd stereotypes of China and her people maintain a hold on the minds of most Americans, even as China’s superpower ascendancy has dominated headlines for some twenty-five years. With weaponized pen, Timothy Yu... Read More

Book Review

Quick Kills

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Rock-bottom self-esteem, along with a desire to please, reaches a treacherous psychological cliff in Lurie’s frighteningly realistic novella. Art and pornography vie for prominence in this ultrasophisticated yet sordid take on fashion... Read More

Book Review

Feelings Poetry

by Melissa Wuske

In "Feelings Poetry", Gary McLauchlan attempts to capture and convey the deep emotions of his heart. McLauchlan’s more than sixty poems cover a wide variety of topics from family, prayer, teddy bears, the news, bullying, and natural... Read More

Book Review

North Northeast

by Lisa Bower

Rennie McQuilkin does what many writers must wish for: he takes one of his early books and re-imagines it. An accomplished poet, McQuilkin is the author of nine collections, including An Astonishment and an Hissing and We All Fall Down.... Read More

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