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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 135 pages.

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Book Review

The Rock Holler Gang

by Johanna Massé

Take one ten-year-old budding detective with an inquiring mind and place her in a small town with secrets to spare and you have a mystery story appropriate for elementary— and middle-school—aged children. A year after her mother... Read More

Book Review

The Dust of Life

by Elizabeth Millard

A former Marine who fought in Vietnam in the late 1960s, McKelvey fell in love with his so-called enemy. Rather than just serve his tour of duty and return home in relief, he instead became fascinated by the people, the culture and the... Read More

Book Review

End Legalized Bribery

by John Wark

In End Legalized Bribery, Cecil Heftel, a five-term U.S. congressman from Hawaii who left office in 1986, attacks not what is illegal, but what is legal in campaign financing. He charges that the whole system promotes begging, bribery... Read More