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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 127 pages.

Book Review

Making Art a Practice

by Maria Siano

This inspirational book encourages artists to view art as worthy of the effort required to master it. Early chapters of Making Art a Practice: 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe, by Cat Bennett, include essays about the artistic process and how to... Read More

Book Review

Why Be Fundamental

by William Gee

Doctrinal positions advocated by various Christian churches are rarely discussed openly in society unless they are about abortion or homosexuality. In "Why Be Fundamental", Kevin Holland boldly delves beyond the culture war issues to... Read More

Book Review

Everything Men Have Learned About Women

“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction” Oscar Wilde once said. In this proud tradition of male puzzlement comes a wonderfully humorous statement by author F.J. Portera. Indeed "Everything Men... Read More

Book Review

Lana's Lakota Moons

Lana’s Lakota Moons is an endearing story of two young girls—cousins by birth, sisters by tradition—as they learn the ancient customs of their Lakota Indian heritage. With their new friend Shoua, a Vietnamese refugee, Lana and Lori... Read More

Book Review

Still the Mind

by Vyvyan Lynn

“All so-called civilized peoples have increasingly become crazy and self-destructive because through excessive thinking they have lost touch with reality. We are so tied up in our minds we have lost our senses.” Watts’ mellow,... Read More

Book Review

Meditations on Design

by Holly Wren Spaulding

Included among House Beautiful’s Top American Designers (1999), John Wheatman offers his philosophy and some practical guidance for individuals who want to improve their home with guidance and expertise from a book by a professional.... Read More

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