Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2019 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

Evidence of V (978-1-941628-19-5) by Sheila O'Connor, Rose Metal Press
No Friend but the Mountains (978-1-4870-0683-9) by Behrouz Boochani and Omid Tofighian (translator), House of Anansi

Adult Fiction

The Winter Sisters (978-0-9849748-9-4) by Tim Westover, QW Publishers
Jack of Thorns (978-1-912349-11-1) by A. K. Faulkner, Ravensword Press
A Daughter of Two Worlds (978-1-73265-140-1) by D.T. Nelson, Ingwaz Press
Avery Colt Is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar (978-1-73203-991-9) Southeast Missouri State University Press
Tiny (978-1-68442-242-5) Turner Publishing
Still Come Home (978-1-62720-231-2) Apprentice House
The Boys Who Woke up Early (978-1-945501-27-2) by A.D. Hopkins, Imbrifex Books
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press
Beloved Mother (978-1-934610-98-5) by Laura Hunter, Bluewater Publications
Fat Boy (978-1-916103-80-1) by Joseph Cobb, KDP
You Cannot Mess This Up (978-1-63152-583-4) by Amy Weinland Daughters, She Writes Press
A Helping Paw (978-3-74829620-1) Tredition
Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance (978-1-61243-944-0) Ulysses Press
Thorn (978-1-61294-143-1) by Anna Burke, Bywater Books
The Falls of the Wyona (978-1-59709-893-9) by David Brendan Hopes, Red Hen Press
Nirvana Is Here (978-1-941110-77-5) by Aaron Hamburger, Three Rooms Press
I Am God (978-1-63206-214-7) Restless Books
Fatboy Fall Down (978-1-77041-452-5) by Rabindranath Maharaj, ECW Press
Pigs (978-1-59709-044-5) by Johanna Stoberock, Red Hen Press
The Not Wives (978-1-936932-68-9) by Carley Moore, The Feminist Press
Dancing with Langston (978-1-950584-19-2) by Sharyn Skeeter, Green Writers Press
A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son (978-1-947627-33-8) by Sergio Troncoso, Cinco Puntos Press
Portrait of Sebastian Khan (978-1-73286-860-1) by Aatif Rashid, 7.13 Books
Below the Fold (978-1-60809-324-3) by R. G. Belsky, Oceanview Publishing
A Plain Vanilla Murder (978-0-9982332-0-8) by Susan Wittig Albert, Persevero Press
Moonscape (978-1-4328-5821-6) by Julie Weston, Five Star Publishing
Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe (978-1-4964-2028-2) by Carla Laureano, Tyndale House Publishers
Hearts Set Free (978-0-9986030-1-8) by Jess Lederman, Azure Star
Blessed (978-1-945049-10-1) by Sherry Robinson, Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Courage and Complicity (978-1-77506-003-1) by Claudette Languedoc, Sapare Press
The Lady and the Highwayman (978-1-62972-605-2) by Sarah M. Eden, Shadow Mountain Publishing
A Proper Scandal (978-1-5244-0937-1) by Esther Hatch, Covenant Communications
Lord of the Wilderness (978-1-950016-00-6) by Elizabeth St. Michel, Elizabeth St. Michel
My Dearest Dietrich (978-0-8254-4605-4) by Amanda Barratt, Kregel Publications
Science Fiction
Futures (978-1-73404-870-4) by John Dermot Woods, Vera Kurian, Ashley Shelby, Hal Y. Zhang, germ lynn, Aeryn Rudel, and Alexander Pyles, Radix Media
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 35 (978-1-61986-604-1) Galaxy Press
Born in Syn (978-1-947003-50-7) by Beth Kander, Owl House Books
Short Stories
Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow (978-1-64343-904-4) by Kevin A. Kuhn, Beavers' Pond Press
Moccasin Square Gardens (978-1-77162-216-5) Douglas & McIntyre
This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love. (978-1-07-056151-6) by Jennifer Wortman, Split/Lip Press
Scenes from the Heartland (978-1-947175-10-5) by Donna Baier Stein, Serving House Books
Thriller & Suspense
The Nine (978-1-63152-652-7) by Jeanne Blasberg, She Writes Press
The Unrepentant (978-1-948235-58-7) by E.A. Aymar, Down and Out Books
Green Valley (978-1-78909-023-9) by Louis Greenberg, Titan Books
The Guilt We Carry (978-1-60809-320-5) by Samuel W. Gailey, Oceanview Publishing
War & Military
Lions of the Desert (978-1-943593-25-5) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
Before the Snow Flies (978-1-943338-17-7) by John Wemlinger, Mission Point Press
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
Race and Football in America (978-1-68435-066-7) by Dawn Knight, Indiana University Press
Running to Glory (978-1-4930-4152-7) by Sam McManis, Globe Pequot
Some Stories (978-1-938340-82-6) by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia
Citizen Akoy (978-1-4962-0322-9) by Steve Marantz, University of Nebraska Press
Hokusai's Landscapes (978-0-87846-866-9) MFA Publications
Deborah Roberts (978-1-946657-10-7) Georgia Museum of Art
Human (978-1-934491-69-0) by Garth Clark, Ezra Shales, and Lauren Redding, FrescoBooks
Autobiography & Memoir
From Chernobyl with Love (978-1-64012-204-8) by Katya Cengel, Potomac Books
Where War Ends (978-1-60868-599-8) by Tom Voss and Revecca Anne Nguyen, New World Library
In My Own Moccasins (978-0-88977-644-9) by Helen Knott, University of Regina Press
Yves Saint Laurent (978-0-8478-6339-6) Rizzoli Ex Libris
According to Kate (978-1-4930-3773-5) by Chris Enss, TwoDot Books
Missing (978-1-73237-020-3) by Kenneth D. Evans, Starhaven Publishing
A Forgotten Hero (978-1-77041-449-5) by Shelley Emling, ECW Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
The Illustrated Bestiary (978-1-63586-212-6) Storey Publishing
Elegant Simplicity (978-0-86571-910-1) by Satish Kumar, New Society Publishers
Spiritual Rebel (978-1-948626-04-0) Monkfish Book Publishing Company
Business & Economics
Indistractable (978-1-948836-53-1) BenBella Books
DataStory (978-1-940858-98-2) Ideapress Publishing
The Disruption Mindset (978-1-940858-70-8) Ideapress Publishing
How to Be an Inclusive Leader (978-1-5230-8517-0) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
The Freelance Academic (978-1-947834-35-4) by Katie Rose Guest Pryal, Blue Crow Publishing
The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: Veterans Edition (978-0-9859106-9-3) by Nathan A. Perez and Marcia Ballinger, Career Innovations Press
Success Freak (978-0-8253-0928-1) by Bruno Gralpois, Beaufort Books
The Colorful Family Table (978-1-948836-47-0) BenBella Books
Honey & Co At Home (978-1-911595-66-3) Pavilion
Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments (978-1-61212-988-4) by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey, Storey Publishing
Ozlem's Turkish Table (978-1-912031-94-8) by Sian Irvine (photographer) and Holly Tillier (designer), GB Publishing
Ecology & Environment
The Secret Lives of Glaciers (978-0-9962676-7-0) by M Jackson, Green Writers Press
Lost Feast (978-1-77041-435-8) by Lenore Newman, ECW Press
Re-Bisoning the West (978-1-937226-98-5) by Kurt Repanshek, Torrey House Press
The Big Thaw (978-1-68051-247-2) Braided River/Mountaineers Books
Rethinking Ethnic Studies (978-0-942961-02-7) by R. Tolteka Cuauhtin (editor), Miguel Zavala (editor), Christine Sleeter (editor), and Wayne Au (editor), Rethinking Schools
The New Smart (978-1-68442-371-2) Turner Publishing
Keep It Real with PBL (978-1-5443-6934-1) Corwin
Convergent Teaching (978-1-4214-3293-9) Johns Hopkins University Press
The Virgin of Prince Street (978-1-4962-1717-2) University of Nebraska Press
My Caesarean (978-1-61519-552-7) The Experiment
You Are No Longer in Trouble (978-1-945680-24-3) White Pine Press
She's Got This! (978-1-73352-370-7) by Joanne Hartman (editor) and Mary Claire Hill (editor), Write on Mamas
Family & Relationships
Intimate Lies and the Law (978-0-19-090594-1) by Jill Elaine Hasday, Oxford University Press
Raising an Organized Child (978-1-61002-282-8) American Academy of Pediatrics
ParentShift (978-1-941932-10-0) by Linda Hatfield, Ty Hatfield, and Wendy Thomas Russell, Brown Paper Press
Ministry with the Forgotten (978-1-5018-8024-7) by Kenneth L. Carder, Abingdon Press
The Goodbye Diaries (978-1-948018-36-4) by Marisa Bardach Ramel and Sally Bardach, Wyatt-MacKenzie
Present through the End (978-1-61180-768-4) Shambhala Publications
Dessert First (978-0-8272-0669-4) by J. Dana Trent, Chalice Press
The Red Ribbon (978-1-63152-573-5) She Writes Press
Probably Someday Cancer (978-1-57441-751-7) University of North Texas Press
Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts (978-1-64170-130-3) by Karen Kleiman and Molly McIntyre (illustrator), Familius
Autism Spectrum Disorder (978-1-61002-269-9) American Academy of Pediatrics
The Lost Books of Jane Austen (978-1-4214-3159-8) Johns Hopkins University Press
March 1917 (978-0-268-10685-0) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Marian Schwartz (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
The Kosher Capones (978-1-5017-4731-1) by Joe Kraus, Northern Illinois University Press
Hobbies & Home
Threads around the World (978-0-7643-5650-6) Schiffer Publishing
The Art of Fine Enameling, Second Edition (978-0-8117-3792-0) by Karen L. Cohen, Globe Pequot
Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living (978-1-938870-82-8) Health Professions Press
My TV for Seniors (978-0-13-559155-0) Que Publishing
If You Did What I Asked in the First Place (978-1-947309-70-8) by Lori B. Duff, Deeds Publishing
Have I Got a Cartoon for You! (978-1-942134-59-6) by Bob Mankoff (editor) and Roz Chast (contributor), Mandel Vilar Press
Redbirds, Roses, & Ghosts (978-1-949711-03-5) Bluewater Publications
That's Mental (978-1-68442-289-0) Turner Publishing
These are Love(d) Letters (978-0-8143-4726-3) by Ames Hawkins, Wayne State University Press
Out in Time (978-0-19-068660-4) by Perry N. Halkitis, Oxford University Press
The GLMA Handbook on LGBT Health (978-0-313-39565-9) by Jason S. Schneider, Vincent M. B. Silenzio, and Laura Erickson-Schroth, ABC-CLIO
Trans People in Higher Education (978-1-4384-7274-4) by Genny Beemyn (editor), SUNY Press
On the Path of Marigolds (978-1-938086-72-4) by Ann Murdy, Cesaréo Moreno (contributor), and Denise Chávez (contributor), George F. Thompson Publishing
Threads around the World (978-0-7643-5650-6) Schiffer Publishing
Hearts of Our People (978-0-295-74579-4) by Jill Ahlberg Yohe (editor) and Teri Greeves (editor), University of Washington Press
Spirit of the Indian Warrior (978-1-936597-62-8) by Joseph A. Fitzgerald (editor) and Michael Oren Fitzgerald (editor), World Wisdom
Bringing Back the Birds (978-1-68051-211-3) by American Bird Conservancy and Owen Deutsch (photographer), Mountaineers Books
The Salmon Way (978-1-68051-238-0) by Amy Gulick, Braided River
Beauty and the Beast (978-1-73310-440-1) by Rob Badger, Nita Winter, Peter Raven, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Ellen Hannibal, and Susan Tweit, WinterBadger Press
The New Beachcomber's Guide to the Pacific Northwest (978-1-55017-837-1) Harbour Publishing
Performing Arts & Music
Hollywood (978-1-4930-3705-6) by Jill S. Tietjen and Barbara Bridges, Globe Pequot
Sympathy for the Drummer (978-1-4930-4773-4) by Mike Edison, Globe Pequot
Solid State (978-1-5017-4685-7) by Kenneth Womack, Cornell University Press
Music is Power (978-1-978808-12-6) Rutgers University Press
David Yarrow Photography (978-0-8478-6477-5) Rizzoli New York
All of Which I Saw (978-0-7643-5799-2) Schiffer Publishing
Baltimore Lives (978-1-4214-3284-7) by John Clark Mayden (photographer), Johns Hopkins University Press
Kentucky Barns (978-0-253-04274-3) by Carol Peachee, Indiana University Press
Hijito (978-1-913007-01-0) by Carlos Andres Gomez, Platypus Press
Native Species (978-1-61186-315-4) by Todd Davis, Michigan State University Press
You Are No Longer in Trouble (978-1-945680-24-3) White Pine Press
The Winter Garden Photograph (978-1-946433-22-0) Ugly Duckling Presse
Political and Social Sciences
Revolution of Values (978-0-8308-4593-4) IVP
Red State Christians (978-1-5064-4908-1) by Angela Denker, Fortress Press
The Torture Machine (978-1-60846-895-9) Haymarket Books
Shut It Down (978-1-60358-884-3) by Lisa Fithian, Chelsea Green
Popular Culture
Drag (978-0-8478-6235-1) Rizzoli New York
Savvy (978-1-940858-72-2) Ideapress Publishing
The Midcentury Kitchen (978-1-68268-228-9) by Sarah Archer, Countryman Press
Putting on the Dog (978-1-59534-864-7) by Melissa Kwasny, Trinity University Press
Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds (978-1-61519-625-8) The Experiment
The History of the American Space Shuttle (978-0-7643-5770-1) by Dennis R. Jenkins, Schiffer Publishing
An Illustrated History of Equestrian Sports: Dressage, Jumping, Eventing (978-2-08020391-5) Flammarion
Mni Wiconi/Water is Life (978-1-938086-66-3) by John Willis, Terry Tempest Williams (contributor), and Shaunna Oteka-McCovey (contributor), George F. Thompson Publishing
Beauty and the Beast (978-1-73310-440-1) by Rob Badger, Nita Winter, Peter Raven, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Ellen Hannibal, and Susan Tweit, WinterBadger Press
Great River City (978-1-883982-95-9) by Andrew Wanko, Missouri Historical Society Press
From the Underground Church to Freedom (978-0-268-10677-5) by Tomáš Halík and Gerald Turner (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
Near the Exit (978-0-664-26567-0) by Lori Erickson, Westminster John Knox Press
The Works of His Hands (978-0-8254-4607-8) by Sy Garte, Kregel Publications
On the Road with Saint Augustine (978-1-58743-389-4) by James K. A. Smith, Brazos Press
Humanure Handbook 4th Edition (978-0-9644258-8-0) by Joseph Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins
Superlative (978-1-946885-94-4) BenBella Books
Gerard P. Kuiper and the Rise of Modern Planetary Science (978-0-8165-3900-0) University of Arizona Press
The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care (978-1-61519-610-4) by Anna Borges, The Experiment
Panic Free (978-1-60868-605-6) by Tom Bunn, New World Library
Beneath the Surface (978-1-60868-635-3) by Krisit Hugstad, New World Library
A Booklover's Guide to New York (978-0-8478-6366-2) Rizzoli New York
The Buddha Sat Right Here (978-1-63152-561-2) by Dena Moes, Clarabel Moes, and Sophia Moes, She Writes Press
Beyond Guilt Trips (978-1-77113-432-3) Between the Lines Press
The Girl Who Said No (978-1-60952-172-1) by Natalie Galli, Travelers' Tales
War & Military
Colin Powell (978-0-268-10509-9) by Jeffrey J. Matthews, University of Notre Dame Press
Sandinistas (978-0-268-10689-8) by Robert J. Sierakowski, University of Notre Dame Press
Hunger (978-1-77112-417-1) by Rick Blom and Suzanne Jansen (translator), Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Boy on the Bridge (978-0-8131-7802-8) University Press of Kentucky
D-Day 75th Anniversary (978-1-73263-152-6) by Jay Wertz, Gerhard Weinberg, Chris Anderson, Edwin C. Bearss, Erin Mahan, Rob Dalessandro, Gerald Swick, Sandro Monetti, and Sharon Gytri, Monroe Publications
Women's Studies
The African-American Woman (978-0-9817825-9-1) by Gloria Browne-Marshall, Law and Policy Group Press
Feminine Rising (978-1-947976-08-5) by Andrea Fekete (editor) and Lara Lillibridge (editor), Cynren Press
Intimate Lies and the Law (978-0-19-090594-1) by Jill Elaine Hasday, Oxford University Press
Champions of Change (978-1-4236-5263-2) Gibbs Smith


Bodies of Truth (978-1-4962-0360-1) by Dinty W. Moore (editor), Erin Murphy (editor), and Renee K Nicholson (editor), University of Nebraska Press
Graffiti (978-1-879960-98-5) by Tongo Eisen Martin, Elmaz Abinader, Nayomi Munaweera, Kirin Khan, L. Penelope, Vickie Vértiz, Gary Dauphin, Sarah LaBrie, Kanika Punwani, Alycia Pirmohamed, Lin Y. Leong, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Cynthia Alessandra Briano, Pallavi Dhawan (editor), Devi S. Laskar (editor), and Tamika Thompson (editor), Aunt Lute Books
Black Writers Matter (978-0-88977-616-6) University of Regina Press
A Whore's Manifesto (978-1-944934-89-7) by Kay Kassirer (editor), Thorntree Press

Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
Once upon a Time in France (978-1-68247-471-6) by Fabien Nury and Sylvain Vallée (illustrator), Dead Reckoning
Stonebreaker (978-1-941250-35-8) by Peter Wartman (author, illustrator), Uncivilized Books
BTTM FDRS (978-1-68396-206-9) by Ezra Claytan Daniels, Ben Passmore (illustrator), and Keeli McCarthy (designer), Fantagraphics Books
Katusha (978-1-68247-425-9) by Wayne Vansant, Dead Reckoning


Juvenile Fiction
A Monster Like Me (978-1-62972-555-0) by Wendy S. Swore, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Beverly, Right Here (978-0-7636-9464-7) by Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick Press
Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia (978-1-948931-04-5) Hazy Dell Press
Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse (978-1-62634-584-3) by K.J. Kruk, Greenleaf Book Group
Juvenile Nonfiction
Trans+ (978-1-4338-2983-3) by Kathryn Gonzales, Karen Rayne, Anne Passchier (illustrator), and Nyk Rayne (illustrator), Magination Press
The City of Light (978-1-942134-61-9) by Theodore Bikel, Aimee Ginsburg Bikel, and Noah Phillips (illustrator), Mandel Vilar Press
The Dictionary of Difficult Words (978-1-78603-811-1) by Jane Solomon and Louise Lockhart (illustrator), Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Boy Oh Boy (978-1-78603-875-3) Wide-Eyed Editions
Picture Books
Maybe (978-1-946873-75-0) by Kobi Yamada and Gabriella Barouch (illustrator), Compendium
The Rhythm of the Rain (978-1-5362-0575-6) by Grahame Baker-Smith, Templar
When Charley Met Emma (978-1-5064-4872-5) by Amy Webb and Merrilee Liddiard (illustrator), Beaming Books
Animology (978-0-9924917-9-6) by Maree Coote, Melbournestyle Books
Picture Books, Early Reader
Max's Box (978-0-7643-5804-3) by Brian Wray and Shiloh Penfield (illustrator), Schiffer Publishing
The Not-So-Perfect Princess and the Not-So-Dreadful Dragon (978-1-925089-44-8) by Jayneen Sanders and Paula Becker (illustrator), Educate2Empower Publishing
The Artist Who Loved Cats (978-0-9711228-8-8) by Susan S. Bernardo and Courtenay Fletcher (illustrator), Inner Flower Child Books
What Does It Mean to Be American? (978-1-4926-8380-3) by Elad Yoran, Kelly Barrales-Saylor (editor), and Nina Mata (illustrator), Sourcebooks
Young Adult Fiction
Waiting for Fitz (978-1-62972-527-7) by Spencer Hyde, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Everything Grows (978-1-941110-68-3) by Aimee Herman, Three Rooms Press
Time's Up (978-0-9995624-6-8) Girls With Pens
Epoca (978-1-949520-08-8) by Ivy Claire and Kobe Bryant, Granity Studios


Coffee Table Books
The Lilly Library from A to Z (978-0-253-04266-8) by Darlene J. Sadlier, Indiana University Press
Beauty and the Beast (978-1-73310-440-1) by Rob Badger, Nita Winter, Peter Raven, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Ellen Hannibal, and Susan Tweit, WinterBadger Press
Hand Hewn (978-1-63586-000-9) Storey Publishing
Marfa Garden (978-1-59534-889-0) by Jim Fissel, Jim Martinez, Mary Lou Saxon, and Martha Hughes, Trinity University Press