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Great Ways for INDIES Winners to Reach New Audiences

From our varied platform that includes the Foreword Reviews FOLIO:-award-winning print magazine, our weekly e-mail (Foreword this Week), our website, our physical trade show exhibits, and large social media following, Foreword reaches hundreds of thousands of industry professionals and book-loving consumers.

The September/October issue of Foreword Reviews will push our readers to check out this year’s winners. We’ll also be covering winners with special coverage throughout the month of July at You can highlight your winning book(s) by taking advantage of specially branded advertising opportunities designed exclusively for INDIES winners, such as:

Print Ads: INDIES Winners Group Ad

At just $305, our group print ads are low-cost, high-impact 1/10 page spots that include your winning book’s cover, description, and important bibliographic and ordering information, all specially highlighted as INDIES Winners. Choose the “Foreword INDIES Winners & Finalists” option during sign up. See examples.

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Representation at Important Events

Indie publishers can reach important audiences and find partners at publishing events around the world. Whether breaking into the vast Asian publishing market at the Beijing Book Fair in August, negotiating European rights deals at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the October, or trying to reach librarians at next year’s American Library Association, The Foreword Indie Press Collective can make sure your book is in front of the audiences and highlighted as an INDIES winner.

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Reach ALL of Foreword’s Audiences

Foreword’s website and weekly e-mail, Foreword This Week, are a couple of the other ways you can reach our targeted audience.

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Create a Full Media Plan

Create a custom approach to reaching Foreword’s entire audience. Contact Michele Lonoconus at or 231-933-3699.