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September 13, 2022

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 13, 2022. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in September 2022.

Book Review

In the Neighborhood

by Danielle Ballantyne

A neighborhood full of anthropomorphized animals (and one ogre) lives in a tenuous sort of harmony: they all mutually ignore one another. But when Mrs. Paquita, a literal night owl, loses her internet connection, her neighbor, a... Read More

Book Review

I Caught a Rainbow

by Michelle Anne Schingler

“A domesticated rainbow is very rare,” but that doesn’t stop a determined child in a colorful cap from trying. They poke breathing holes in a jar and scoop the colors in, being sure to offer those refractions all that they may... Read More

Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

An observant girl navigates adolescence in a vibrant neighborhood in Chelene Knight’s coming-of-age novel "Junie". In 1933 in Vancouver, Junie and her mother, Maddie, move to the East End, a neighborhood teeming with life and color.... Read More

Book Review

Reign Returned

by Catherine Thureson

In Katie Keridan’s exciting and complex fantasy novel "Reign Returned", two strangers from quite different worlds join together and discover commonalities. Kyra is a healer and an Astral, a member of the golden-blooded realm. She... Read More

Book Review

I Miss You

by Catherine Thureson

Gioia Guerzoni’s "I Miss You" is a beautiful book of exercises designed to quell longing for absent people, places, and things. This work recognizes a variety of scenarios in which one might yearn. For those missing a person, the book... Read More

Book Review

Must Read Well

by Ho Lin

In Ellen Pall’s absorbing novel "Must Read Well", a trip down memory lane proves to be both emotional and treacherous. At Columbia, Elizabeth struggles to write her dissertation on famous feminist writers. She’s coming up short on... Read More

Book Review

I Want Magic

by Michele Sharpe

A native of New Orleans with a PhD in English, C. W. Cannon brings his perspective to the city, the South, and race in his essay collection "I Want Magic". With eloquence and keen analyses, Cannon defends New Orleans as complex and... Read More

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