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Book Review

I'm Not Very Good at It

by Karen Rigby

Sincere in its depiction of growing past self-doubt, the picture book I’m Not Very Good At It encourages positive outlooks. In Darrel Gregory’s encouraging picture book I’m Not Very Good at It, a mother suggests a means for her... Read More

Book Review

Tiny Jumps In

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A girl’s bravery is rewarded with a psychedelic underwater adventure in this work of magical realism. Tiny lives on a lakeshore with her older sister, whose determination inspires her to answer a question that’s been lurking... Read More

Book Review

Woodland Dreams

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In this lush bedtime story, a gentle girl in a blue anorak, accompanied by her pup, assumes a sandman role for woodland creatures at dusk. Musical, romantic descriptions of the creatures honor their daytime activities as they’re lured... Read More

Book Review

Bigger than a Dream

by Danielle Ballantyne

A tender depiction of mourning, "Bigger than a Dream" follows a boy through a day spent with the spirit of his older sister, who died before he was born. Misty illustrations befitting the dreamlike quality of the boy’s adventure... Read More

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