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July 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2021.

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Equilibrium" is a captivating novel in which grieving friends work together to save the world. In James Luthi’s dazzling science fiction novel "Equilibrium", a mixed group faces an ancient enemy in order to save humanity. Nick... Read More

Book Review


by Mari Carlson

"Midland" is a resounding, redemptive novel about healing from a tragedy. In Ross Breithaupt’s measured novel "Midland", a young man works to heal following his brother’s suicide. In the 1980s, ten years after his brother jumped to... Read More

Book Review

Capitol Murder

by Delia Stanley

"Capitol Murder" is a compelling thriller that looks inside the United States’s health care system. In Mike Brogan’s political thriller "Capitol Murder", two ambitious women working to see universal health care legislation passed in... Read More

Book Review

Godfrey’s Crusade

by Alex Dailey

"Godfrey’s Crusade" is a fantasy novel marked by magical lore, far-off realms, and long lines of lineage in which an imperfect knight fights for the good of others. In Mark Howard’s coming-of-age epic "Godfrey’s Crusade", a young... Read More

Book Review

Eudora Space Kid

by Ian Dailey

Sure to excite young readers, the welcoming science fiction novel "Eudora Space Kid" explores the galaxy via an audacious girl. In David Horn’s science fiction novel Eudora Space Kid, a mischievous child who lives on a spaceship... Read More

Book Review

Ophelia's Room

by Mari Carlson

The literary thriller Ophelia’s Room is visceral as it rollercoasters through middle America in the 1960s. In Michael Scott Garvin’s riveting novel Ophelia’s Room, infanticide in a small town fuels a soul search. In 1968, newlyweds... Read More

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