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July 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2021.

Book Review

Hello Up There!

by Kristine Morris

"Hello Up There!" is an affirming picture book in which a physically disabled boy learns that he can’t be stopped from having rich life experiences. In Judi Buenaflor’s warm picture book "Hello Up There!", a friendly giraffe teaches... Read More

Book Review

The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals

by Kristine Morris

In this book about animal rescues, basic guidelines for acquiring puppies or adult dogs come alongside accounts of the joys of giving rescued animals a second chance. "The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals" is Karen Burnett’s heartfelt... Read More

Book Review

3 Magic Dreams

by Aimee Jodoin

"3 Magic Dreams" is an offbeat trio of stories paired with inventive illustrations. Matt Bolton Art’s "3 Magic Dreams" is comprised of three short stories in rhyming verse with surrealist illustrations. In “Gilby,” a boy lives on... Read More

Book Review

A Month of Murder

by Delia Stanley

In the small town mystery novel "A Month of Murder", no one can be trusted, and the past always reemerges. In David Baker’s mystery novel "A Month of Murder", brutal murders and generational crimes plague a small town. In Yorkshire’s... Read More

Book Review

Raise My Ebenezer

by Aleena Ortiz

In the psychological novel "Raise My Ebenezer", a troubled man is spurred to act against the crooked power dynamics in sex, wealth, and politics. In Richard Gerald Shrubb’s psychological novel "Raise My Ebenezer", a man toils for... Read More

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