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July 16, 2019

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 16, 2019. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in July 2019.

Book Review

Imaginary Affairs

by Delia Stanley

"Imaginary Affairs" is a champagne-filled romp that navigates love and lust with abandon. In Robin Arkus’s indulgent, humorous, and dramatic romance "Imaginary Affairs", a middle-aged woman looks for love after loss. After losing two... Read More

Book Review

The Bird Boys

by John M. Murray

In Lisa Sandlin’s spare mystery "The Bird Boys", a two detective team tackles cases and learns how to work together. Delpha and Tom have settled into a normal routine with their detective agency, with some exceptions. Then an elderly... Read More

Book Review

Feast Day of the Cannibals

by Meg Nola

Set in Gilded Age New York, Norman Lock’s "Feast Day of the Cannibals" is the sixth standalone book in the American Novel series. At the cusp of the nineteenth century, fictional and real life characters intersect in a setting that’s... Read More

Book Review

Mom's Perfect Boyfriend

by Karen Rigby

Crystal Hemmingway’s charming romantic comedy and AI fairy tale, Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend, is about a California mother and her daughters who discover that love can overcome a few secrets—and a lot of meddling—and that it’s... Read More

Book Review

The Book of X

by Danielle Ballantyne

A literary foray into the macabre madness of womanhood, Sarah Rose Etter’s "The Book of X" captures the innocent joys and creeping horrors of a young girl’s trek into adulthood. Chapters are organized in short vignettes, offering the... Read More

Book Review

Beirut Hellfire Society

by Meagan Logsdon

Rawi Hage’s novel "Beirut Hellfire Society" is an intimate glimpse at the effects of civil war that challenges social and religious norms. Pavlov is the son of an undertaker in war-stricken 1970s Beirut. An avid reader of the Greeks,... Read More

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