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January 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2016.

Book Review

Radical Mycology

by Rachel Jagareski

"Radical Mycology" lays down a solid base of mycological knowledge, amped up by Peter McCoy’s passion for fungi, sharing information, and social change. Fungi are some of the most ubiquitous and environmentally important living... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Rudy Foster

Love and death, permanently entwined. That’s the central image of Elisa S. Amore’s passionate paranormal romance Touched: The Caress of Fate. This Twilight-flavored fantasy explores the intersection between mortal lives and the... Read More

Book Review

Breana's Full Circle

by Constance Augusta A. Zaber

This is an uplifting tale of resilience with escapist appeal. J. Elaine Cottrell’s Breana’s Full Circle is the rags-to-riches story of a sweet young woman whose faith and kindness are put to the test, but wherein a happy ending is... Read More

Book Review


by Felicia Topp

Tōru is an enjoyable and believable work of alternative historical fiction. Stephanie Sorensen’s Tōru: Wayfarer Returns is a work of alternative historical fiction woven with tradition, adventure, and suspense. As finely wrought as a... Read More

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