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Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

An outline of techniques used by cult leaders vibrantly and cleverly offers insight into human nature. Attorney Paul Morantz’s second edition of Escape: My Life Long War Against Cults is a fascinating distillation of forty years of... Read More

Book Review

Lonely in the Heart of the World

by Jill Allen

Meltz delights in upending the conventions of fairy tales, even as she pushes the boundaries of the genre in new ways. “There was a time when people worshipped the Earth, and the gods they saw moving through it, and they had advanced... Read More

Book Review

The Tenth Witness

by Leia Menlove

Made vivid by Rosen’s careful crafting, inquisitive Henri and the variety of countries in which he investigates dig up intriguing realities from the past. Leonard Rosen’s "The Tenth Witness" reintroduces handsome Henri Poincare, who... Read More

Book Review

Cold Sunshine

by Christina Hamlett

Espionage has been part of the human experience at least since the Trojan War. It wasn’t until 1953, however, that the debut of Ian Fleming’s iconic Secret Agent 007 suddenly turned many a young man’s daydreams to the glitz,... Read More

Book Review

All Cry Chaos

by Edward Morris

At the age of fifty-seven, Interpol detective Henri Poincare still has the capacity to be shocked and saddened by human brutality. And in this first of a projected series of mysteries Poincare has plenty to be shocked about. He is still... Read More

Book Review

Changing the World

by Penny Hastings

Following a painting career of less than two years, Yaniv Daniel Janson’s art was featured in nineteen exhibitions, six as a solo artist who sold seventy paintings around the world—all before his eighteenth birthday. Such a... Read More

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