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Book Review

Circle Way

by Rebecca Foster

“To what degree does family mean destiny?” Mary Ann Hogan asks. A fourth-generation Californian, she followed in her father Bill’s footsteps as a local journalist. Blending his work with her own prose, "Circle Way" is a delicate,... Read More

Book Review

Yanks Behind the Lines

by Eileen Gonzalez

This book is a worthy testament to everyone who participated in an admirable WWI endeavor. Jeffrey B. Miller chronicles a massive but little known humanitarian organization in his fascinating historical account, "Yanks Behind the Lines".... Read More

Book Review


by Muhammed Hassanali

Relatable and unique, the messages of "Tireless" resonate with current business theory, showing that success really is possible when you put your mind to it. Kim Lorenz’s career self-help book, "Tireless", focuses on business... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Williams

This dramatic thriller reveals many dark truths about the opioid crisis. Fueled by a murder mystery and a missing girl, Tom Collins’s page-turning thriller "Diversion" explores the opioid crisis and illegal drugs through myriad... Read More

Book Review

China Girl

by Karen Rigby

Throughout these stories, emotional storms gather in original, biting scenes. In China Girl: And Other Stories, Ho Lin examines the unease of living with memories: some brutal, others fleeting, each written with impressive foreboding.... Read More

Book Review

Guy Novel

by Gary Presley

The adventure in this passionate love story, set off with wry humor, is certain to appeal to the James Bond spy thriller audience. Michael Ryan’s "Guy Novel" is a love story that a guy’s guy can buy into, in which the girl at the... Read More

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