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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 512 pages.

Book Review

Predator / Nomad

by Benjamin Welton

In the twisting political thriller Predator/Nomad, a scientist and a princess are embroiled in the case of a possible murder of world-shattering proportions. In Daniel Micko’s political thriller Predator/Nomad, a talented scientist... Read More

Book Review

Paradise, Nevada

by Robert Ham

Dario Diofebi’s novel "Paradise, Nevada" is as sprawling and colorful as its setting: the Las Vegas Strip, a four-mile-long cluster of hotels and casinos that attracts millions of tourists and gamblers from around the world. The main... Read More

Book Review

Quest for Revenge

by John M. Murray

In the historical novel "Quest for Revenge", a man reconsiders his beliefs, even as the times move away from his way of thinking. In RLK’s sweeping historical novel "Quest for Revenge", a betrayal forces a Musketeer to reconsider the... Read More

Book Review

A Little of This/A Lot of That

by Aimee Jodoin

Rich and expressive, the short stories in "A Little of This/A Lot of That" inspect the microcommunities of 1910s Jewish New York and a small Southern town. Robert Joseph Foley’s book of experimental short stories "A Little of This/A... Read More

Book Review

Dwarf Story

by Edith Wairimu

In the exciting fantasy "Dwarf Story", the mythical world intersects with our own as a legendary war draws near. In W. W. Marplot’s imaginative middle grade fantasy "Dwarf Story", humans and mythical creatures prepare for an epic... Read More

Book Review

The 53rd Card

by John M. Murray

"The 53rd Card" is a heavy but rewarding spiritual fantasy. Virginia Weiss’s intensely character-driven "The 53rd Card" chronicles a damaged woman’s attempts to understand her life’s meaning. A life filled with trauma and loss... Read More

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