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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 401 pages.

Book Review

Blowback ‘94

by Hope Hills

Blowback ’94 is a satisfying time travel adventure made more tantalizing because of the friendships, love, and loss that it features. In Brian Meehl’s dynamic time travel novel Blowback ’94, a family legend is wrapped up. Twins... Read More

Book Review

Eternal Shadow

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Eternal Shadow" is a tense science fiction story that paints a thoughtful, intelligent portrait of humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life. A monumental scientific discovery brings two women together and then threatens to... Read More

Book Review


by Felicia Topp

"Landslide" is a hopeful and sympathetic story about friendship, loss, and growing up. Melissa Leet’s "Landslide" is the moving story of two childhood friends, Jill and Susie. The narrative follows Jill as she navigates the trials of... Read More

Book Review

In and Out of Step

by Susan Waggoner

The story masterfully shows how seemingly ordinary traits can be extraordinary sources of strength and resilience. Christine M. Knight’s "In and Out of Step" reconstructs a late-1980s world rife with big hair, new wave clubs, and... Read More

Book Review

A Slice of Cake on Every Plate

Bookstore shelves are stuffed with management motivation books, urging executives to emulate happy Seattle fishmongers or to ponder analogies about missing cheese wedges. In crafting a system that relies on positivity and support,... Read More

Book Review

Artisans of Time

“The hardest thing for you to understand said [King Ec’ron] would be that not only are you on a different planet but that you are some sixty-one Earth years in your past right now” the author writes. Thus goes the twisted and... Read More