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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 356 pages.

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Book Review

The Enchanted Life

by Kristine Morris

For a small child, the world is filled with mystery and alive with possibility—in other words, it’s enchanted. But it’s a rare adult who manages to retain this sense of enchantment. At some point, we fall out of love with the... Read More

Book Review

When It's Over

by Jessie Horness

Thoughtful, touching storytelling provides a balm and resonance for our most human selves. Set against the backdrop of WWII, When It’s Over is a poignant story that examines how history defines our humanity, and that explores... Read More

Book Review

River Rat

by Amanda Adams

Imagery is vivid, allowing the pristine beauty of the Rio Grande River to shine through. Both genuine and thrilling, "River Rat" by Michael E. Oppitz memorably depicts a life led on the river. The gripping story is centered on the... Read More

Book Review

The Conquest of Cancer

by Katerie Prior

Kalina compellingly argues on behalf of an underutilized cancer treatment in his persuasive new work. In "The Conquest of Cancer", Vladimir Kalina provides insight into a controversial therapy that may provide a less intrusive treatment,... Read More

Book Review

Nuclear Rogue

by CJ Triplett

A splendid combination of action, intrigue, and political struggles make this a standout thriller. Robert W. Barker’s "Nuclear Rogue" is an entertaining, clever, and hair-raising modern-day thriller that skirts the borders of... Read More

Book Review

The High Ground

by Susan Waggoner

In Melinda Snodgrass’s "The High Ground", book 1 of the The Imperials Saga, the riddle of interstellar travel has been solved, and humans are but one of several intelligent species sharing the planet. Where there is intelligent... Read More

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