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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 356 pages.

Book Review

Truth and Other Lies

by Ashley Holstrom

In Maggie Smith’s novel "Truth and Other Lies", three driven women make life-altering decisions about the secrets they’ve kept in order to get ahead. Megan, a young, liberal journalist, moves back into her overprotective mother’s... Read More

Book Review

The Gaps

by Ashley Holstrom

Leanne Hall’s exploratory novel "The Gaps" is about what it feels like to be left behind after tragedy strikes. When sixteen-year-old Yin is abducted, her community is rocked. Everyone at the elite Balmoral Ladies College is on edge as... Read More

Book Review

Shades of Betrayal

by Mari Carlson

In the probing historical novel "Shades of Betrayal", men’s virtues are tested by the atrocities of WWII. U. W. Baker’s intricate historical novel "Shades of Betrayal" follows the difficulties and successes of people embroiled in... Read More

Book Review

Grounded Eagles

by John M. Murray

The informative, life-affirming historical novellas "Grounded Eagles" follow three RAF pilots who are forced out of the air during World War II. The historical novellas in Helena P. Schrader’s "Grounded Eagles" concern non-flying... Read More

Book Review

The Blue Butterfly

by Karen Rigby

"The Blue Butterfly" is a vibrant period novel that reimagines the controversial love story of a classic film star. Leslie Johansen Nack’s absorbing historical novel "The Blue Butterfly" follows Marion, the vulnerable mistress of... Read More

Book Review

William Still

by Kristine Morris

In "William Still", William Kashatus relates the story of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society (PASS) clerk who risked his life to help nearly a thousand escaped slaves reach freedom during the tumultuous years leading up to the... Read More

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