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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 336 pages.

Book Review

Gumshoe in the Dark

by Angela McQuay

Rob Leininger’s "Gumshoe in the Dark" is a twisty mystery that benefits from dark humor and unforgettable characters. Mort is an ex-IRS agent and a current PI who has a knack for finding high-profile dead bodies. He’s on his way to a... Read More

Book Review

The Life and Times of Jo Mora

by Joe Taylor

Peter Hiller’s illuminating biography "The Life and Times of Jo Mora" tours the works of one of the most productive, multitalented artists of twentieth-century America. Containing two hundred photographs of Mora’s work and excerpts... Read More

Book Review

How to Grill Vegetables

by Rachel Jagareski

Steven Raichlen’s "How to Grill Vegetables" is an instant classic that brims with imaginative treatments of fruits and veggies, whose natural sugars reach “supernatural sweetness” when altered with smoke and fire. Plant ingredients... Read More

Book Review

The Kissing Bug

by Susan Waggoner

In "The Kissing Bug", Daisy Hernández recounts watching her aunt die from a little known or understood disease. Years later, Hernández set out to learn more, and entered into a harrowing medical mystery. Hernández’s memories of her... Read More

Book Review

A Theater for Dreamers

by Amanda Silberling

Polly Samson’s escapist novel "A Theater for Dreamers" is set in 1960 on the quaint Greek island of Hydra—a haven detached from the rest of Europe, where artists roam free and unencumbered. After eighteen-year-old Erica loses her... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

In Kaitlyn Greenidge’s powerful coming-of-age novel "Libertie", a freeborn Black girl’s hunger to define her own boundaries carries her across an ocean and back. The darker daughter of a light-skinned, widowed homeopath, Libertie... Read More

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