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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 336 pages.

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

In Kaitlyn Greenidge’s powerful coming-of-age novel "Libertie", a freeborn Black girl’s hunger to define her own boundaries carries her across an ocean and back. The darker daughter of a light-skinned, widowed homeopath, Libertie... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Complicit" is an intense thriller whose strong women refuse to be bullied by bad men. In Amy Rivers’s thriller "Complicit", old friends are thrown together to solve the mystery of a disturbing death that reveals a long-hidden truth... Read More

Book Review

Oath of the Brotherhood

by John M. Murray

In Carla Laureano’s tender fantasy novel "Oath of the Brotherhood", a young prince discovers that his musical talent is an ancient gift. The Isle of Seare follows the Old Ways, encouraging a warrior spirit. Here, the only value is in... Read More

Book Review

Minus Me

by Jaime Herndon

In Mameve Medwed’s novel "Minus Me", after receiving devastating news about her health, a woman decides to leave her husband detailed directions on how to live the rest of his life without her. Annie lives in a small town in Maine,... Read More

Book Review

White Freedom

by Tanisha Rule

With its thorough inquiries into world history, Tyler Stovall’s "White Freedom" shows that the highly regarded American ideals of liberty and freedom do not contradict the nation’s record of racism; in the US, “freedom” has... Read More

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