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Reviews of Books with 336 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 336 pages.

Book Review

A Stream to Follow

by Mari Carlson

In the sensitive historical novel "A Stream to Follow", a doctor seeks to heal from wounds left by a war. In Jess Wright’s historical novel "A Stream to Follow", a doctor returns home after World War II and encounters ongoing domestic... Read More

Book Review

Counterfeit Love

by Karen Rigby

Former fiancées weigh the cost of reuniting with each other in Crystal Caudill’s invigorating "Counterfeit Love", a Gilded Age novel set in Cincinnati’s underworld. Broderick, a Secret Service agent, infiltrates a counterfeit ring... Read More

Book Review

Jesus Christ Divided

by Jeremiah Rood

LaFond’s enthusiasm for his representation of Saint Paul is infectious; he lays out his ideas in the manner of a scholastic mystery. Michael LaFond’s fascinating, bold religious history "Jesus Christ Divided" reimagines Paul the... Read More

Book Review

Blue-Skinned Gods

by Michael Elias

In SJ Sindu’s novel "Blue-Skinned Gods", a child groomed into godhood grows to be a young man whose faith in himself and in others is questioned. The story of Kalki’s godhood was always the same: his blue skin signifies his ability... Read More

Book Review

Names in a Jar

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Family, identity, and loyalty are at stake in Jennifer Gold’s historical novel "Names in a Jar", a coming-of-age story set during the Holocaust. Lina Krawitz wants to be a storyteller and writer, but when her mother dies while giving... Read More

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