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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 316 pages.

Book Review

Water is Wider

by Emily Webber

In "Water is Wider", two women form an unexpected bond and redefine the meaning of family. Marie Green McKeon’s "Water is Wider" is an intimate novel in which a young girl and a middle-aged woman come into each other’s lives and form... Read More

Book Review

Make Love Better

by Claire Foster

Jan Dworkin’s "Make Love Better" is a heartfelt guide to deepening romantic and committed relationships—the kind that are healing, challenging, and encourage growth. Lighthearted but informative, the book includes stories from... Read More

Book Review

Three Ways to Disappear

by Tanisha Rule

In Katy Yocom’s immersive and multilayered novel "Three Ways to Disappear", Sarah and Quinn confront painful childhood truths and address their neglected sisterhood. Beginning with a glimpse of Sarah and Quinn’s childhood in India,... Read More

Book Review

Guardian of Deceit

by Susan Waggoner

Through the tumult caused by those around him, Darwin seems able to maintain his innate goodness. In "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles, sixteen-year-old orphan Darwin Hastings finds himself—and his enormous trust... Read More

Book Review

Winter's Bloom

by Carol Davala

Far from a standard romance novel, Wemlinger’s book showcases contrasts and human connections. In John Wemlinger’s Winter’s Bloom, a frozen, solitary Lake Michigan shoreline provides the perfect backdrop for an unlikely friendship... Read More

Book Review

Dark Side of the Moon

by Meg Nola

Full of jaggedly poetic charm and twisted humor, this is a fine novel about a caper gone wrong. Les Wood’s "Dark Side of the Moon" is the painfully funny tale of a jewel heist that never should have happened and a plan gone... Read More

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