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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 316 pages.

Book Review


by Melissa Lance

In the science fiction novel "Neoprim", a young woman pieces together her forgotten past in an attempt to come to terms with her new reality. In Rob Grafrath’s first installment of the Zeta trilogy, "Neoprim", two vastly different... Read More

Book Review

Porno Valley

by Randi Hacker

In Philip Elliott’s hard-boiled mystery Porno Valley, an aging private eye tracks down a missing porn star in a case that involves sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Mickey is seventy-eight and ready to retire when a young porn actress... Read More

Book Review

From the Moon I Watched Her

by Jeremiah Rood

Emily English Medley’s heartbreaking novel "From the Moon I Watched Her" is filled with secrets and lies both about family and God. In 1977, though Daddy Black thunders from his Church of Christ pulpit about the evils of abortion,... Read More

Book Review

The Printer and the Strumpet

by Karen Rigby

In the entertaining historical novel "The Printer and the Strumpet", the American Revolution is seen from the perspective of a flawed wordsmith. In Larry Brill’s satirical historical novel, "The Printer and the Strumpet", a colorful... Read More

Book Review

Toxic Fr.O.G.

by Aimee Jodoin

"Toxic Fr.O.G." is an inspiring coming-of-age novel whose heroine immerses herself in science, diverse cultures, and a deep friendship. In Richard Roach’s heartwarming coming-of-age novel "Toxic Fr.O.G.", a once awkward young woman... Read More

Book Review

Water is Wider

by Emily Webber

In "Water is Wider", two women form an unexpected bond and redefine the meaning of family. Marie Green McKeon’s "Water is Wider" is an intimate novel in which a young girl and a middle-aged woman come into each other’s lives and form... Read More

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