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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 316 pages.

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Book Review

Guardian of Deceit

by Susan Waggoner

Through the tumult caused by those around him, Darwin seems able to maintain his innate goodness. In "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles, sixteen-year-old orphan Darwin Hastings finds himself—and his enormous trust... Read More

Book Review

Winter's Bloom

by Carol Davala

Far from a standard romance novel, Wemlinger’s book showcases contrasts and human connections. In John Wemlinger’s Winter’s Bloom, a frozen, solitary Lake Michigan shoreline provides the perfect backdrop for an unlikely friendship... Read More

Book Review

Dark Side of the Moon

by Meg Nola

Full of jaggedly poetic charm and twisted humor, this is a fine novel about a caper gone wrong. Les Wood’s "Dark Side of the Moon" is the painfully funny tale of a jewel heist that never should have happened and a plan gone... Read More

Book Review

The Millennial Reincarnations

by Lisa Butts

"The Millennial Reincarnations" is daring and strikingly original. In "The Millennial Reincarnations", the first installment of The Millennial Trilogy, a father wrestles with grief after the death of his teenage daughter, and a group of... Read More

Book Review


by Gregory A. Lowe

"Wolf" is a thrilling and suspenseful mystery, its every page jam-packed with action. Kelly Oliver’s "Wolf" masterfully builds suspense with its relatable protagonist and bold subject matter. This whodunit asks who’s really pulling... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

This historical novel draws on its own sense of time and place to re-create first-century Galilee in vivid detail. The first century of the Common Era springs to vivid life in Anne McGivern’s accomplished and engrossing novel, Danya: A... Read More

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