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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 312 pages.

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Book Review

Resurrection Lily

by Aimee Jodoin

"Resurrection Lily" tells a personal story about cancer prevention that doubles as a source of important information for women of all ages. Amy Byer Shainman’s memoir "Resurrection Lily" is an inspiring account of combating BRCA... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

Plastic is an unputdownable dark comedy, full of strong commentary on the times and sparkling LA scenes. Frank Strausser’s novel, "Plastic", is a delicious, caustic comedy of manners with a dose of suspense that keeps its pages... Read More

Book Review

Acts of Assumption

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

“Love is an earthquake … It overturns all sorts of assumptions,” and from "Acts of Assumption"‘s opening three-part definition of assumption, S. W. Leicher plays with its mental, physical, and cultural forms, chronicling what... Read More

Book Review

A Time to Remember

by Delia Stanley

"A Time to Remember" is a dramatic historical romance with endearing characters. Jan Hendrix’s engaging romance "A Time to Remember" follows star-crossed lovers as they navigate a postwar world, separated by society but always thinking... Read More

Book Review

Trans Kids

by Laura Leavitt

Tey Meadow’s sympathetic sociological study "Trans Kids" explores the changing social dynamics for families of transgender children and other children who bend or break gender norms. Comprehensive in scope, its interviews and... Read More

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