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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 312 pages.

Book Review

Father's Day

by Jeremiah Rood

Father’s Day is an emotive novel in which local deaths forever change a small town and its residents. In Gary Kyriazi’s redemptive novel Father’s Day, a series of traumatic events reshape a small California town. On Father’s Day... Read More

Book Review

The Abolitionist’s Journal

by Meg Nola

James D. Richardson’s biography "The Abolitionist’s Journal" concerns the extraordinary life of George Richardson, an antislavery advocate and traveling Methodist preacher. George Richardson kept a 300-page journal that became... Read More

Book Review

From Gay to Z

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

In "From Gay to Z", a compendium of queer culture more akin to a kiki than an encyclopedia, Justin Elizabeth Sayre serves up a blend of earnest information and loving snark. A humorist rather than a historian or social scientist, Sayre... Read More

Book Review

Rebel Speak

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Rebel Speak" records searing, insightful dialogues between Bryonn Rolly Bain and activists dedicated to police abolition and fighting mass incarceration. Bain speaks with activists at all stages of their careers, from relative newcomers... Read More

Book Review

Malkah’s Notebook

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Musing through a space that’s somewhere between an illuminated, psalmic narrative poem and a graphic novel attuned to the soul, "Malkah’s Notebook" is an intimate trip through Jewish mysticism and feminist theology. Malkah’s father... Read More

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