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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 312 pages.

Book Review

The Butchers' Blessing

by Angela McQuay

In Ruth Gilligan’s rich historical drama The Butchers’ Blessing, ancient traditions clash with the forces of modernity. In the 1990s, Una is the daughter of a Butcher, one of eight men who tours the Irish countryside, catering to... Read More

Book Review

Cosmic Odyssey

by Kristen Rabe

Linda Schweizer’s "Cosmic Odyssey" is a thrilling account of the cosmological discoveries of the past century that “pulls back the curtain” on the brilliant, eccentric scientists who achieved those breakthroughs. This exceptional... Read More

Book Review

The Summer of Everything

by Karen Rigby

In Julian Winters’s perceptive young adult novel, "The Summer of Everything", a gay teenager is afraid of loving his best friend. In Santa Monica, Wes is an insecure, comic book-loving geek. He lives above an independent bookstore, and... Read More

Book Review

The Last Place You Look

by Eileen Gonzalez

Two small-town lesbians embark on an old-fashioned courtship in Aurora Rey’s heartwarming romance, "The Last Place You Look". After her marriage implodes, Julia moves back to her hometown and goes to work in her parents’ winery,... Read More

Book Review

Larkin on the Shore

by Catherine Thureson

In Jean Mills’s insightful "Larkin on the Shore", a sixteen-year-old struggles to overcome an assault and the gossip and cyberbullying that follow it. While her father visits her sick mother in Vancouver, Larkin is sent to stay with... Read More

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