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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 306 pages.

Book Review

Aquarian Dawn

by Karen Rigby

An African teenager comes of age between countries and cultures in Ebele Chizea’s engrossing young adult novel "Aquarian Dawn". In the 1960s, Ada moves to Pennsylvania from Nabuka, a country riven by civil war and genocide. Her mother,... Read More

Book Review


by Michele Sharpe

"Sonnish" is a musing novel in which a genealogical search is used to show how knowledge increases empathy. Mary Capper’s mystical historical novel "Sonnish" represents a compassionate search for a family’s roots. Dozing near a... Read More

Book Review

Holding Patterns

by John M. Murray

The explosive novel "Holding Patterns" follows a strategic investment banker as he attempts to escape his past. In James Chesterton’s literary thriller "Holding Patterns", an investment banker who’s been accused of embezzlement... Read More

Book Review

A Spell of Rowans

by Jeana Jorgensen

The fantastical novel "A Spell of Rowans" combines murder mystery, magic, and mayhem for an exciting tour of a family’s history and trauma. Byrd Nash’s novel "A Spell of Rowans" revolves around a family with esoteric gifts and dark... Read More

Book Review

Down from the Mountain

by Joe Taylor

Most concerned with time spent in the Australian military, "Down from the Mountain" is a motivational memoir about a lifetime of leadership. Brian Vickery’s memoir "Down from the Mountain" tracks his distinguished military career in... Read More

Book Review

A Pontiac in the Woods

by Delia Stanley

"A Pontiac in the Woods" is a provocative coming-of-age novel about the material and emotional issues associated with childhood homelessness. In Fred Misurella’s heartfelt novel "A Pontiac in the Woods", an unconventional young woman... Read More

Book Review

Note by Note

by Mari Carlson

"Note by Note" is both a memoir and a manual for general healing. Healing yourself and healing others go hand in hand, according to Kristi Magraw’s interactive memoir, "Note by Note". Magraw grew up on Washington’s Eagle Island in... Read More

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