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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 306 pages.

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Book Review

Mom's Perfect Boyfriend

by Karen Rigby

Crystal Hemmingway’s charming romantic comedy and AI fairy tale, Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend, is about a California mother and her daughters who discover that love can overcome a few secrets—and a lot of meddling—and that it’s... Read More

Book Review

Among the Clouds Above

by Susan Waggoner

"Among the Clouds Above" combines history, realism, and strong characters for a compelling war story. John Rhodes’s "Among the Clouds Above" is an intense, sharply observed WWII novel whose animate characters bring the air war against... Read More

Book Review

The Separation

by Nancy Powell

"The Separation" is an entertaining dystopian thriller centered in a repressed future America. In Thomas Duffy’s smart and timely Big Brother thriller "The Separation", a mathematical genius is caught up in a dangerous game with the... Read More

Book Review

The Big Get-Even

by Angela McQuay

In "The Big Get-Even", hard-boiled crime meets a crew of wise-cracking ex-cons. Just out of prison for scamming clients and stealing millions, Glen McClinton is trying to adjust to a life of poverty and ignominy. He’s found a somewhat... Read More

Book Review

Full Service Blonde

by John M. Murray

"Full Service Blonde" is a fantastic read—light on mystery, and heavy on romance and drama. "Full Service Blonde" is a breezy, entertaining mystery dealing with prostitutes, thieving cats, and the bustling Vegas strip. Christmastime in... Read More

Book Review

Postcards from the Canyon

by Amanda Adams

Gitlin’s writing is sharp, infused with a dark, irreverent wit. "Postcards from the Canyon", by Lisa Gitlin, is an engrossing, poignant journey through one woman’s past and present. Faced with the recent and unexpected death of her... Read More

Book Review

Mario Cuomo

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

This enjoyable personal work shines light on a political icon. The life and words of one of the nation’s most prolific statesmen are closely examined in William O’Shaughnessy’s "Mario Cuomo", a respectful and thoughtful... Read More

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