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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 283 pages.

Book Review

Bit Flip

by Matt Benzing

"Bit Flip" is an engrossing novel that satirizes the pretensions of tech bros and billionaires. In Mike Trigg’s corporate novel "Bit Flip", the seedy underbelly of San Francisco’s technology community is exposed. Sam, the CFO of a... Read More

Book Review

Things She's Seen

by Karen Rigby

In the recent past, a battle among witches led to the murder of the high priestess Athena. Pat Esden’s second book in a suspenseful, paranormal romance series is Things She’s Seen, covering the investigation into, and fallout from,... Read More

Book Review

Missing Mr. Wingfield

by Susan Waggoner

"Missing Mr. Wingfield" interweaves strong portraits of a mother and daughter for an eye-opening look at the universality of regret. In E. Christopher Clark’s young adult crossover novel, "Missing Mr. Wingfield", a thirtysomething... Read More

Book Review

The Reckoning

by Gary Presley

In "The Reckoning", Bob Larranaga delves into the backwaters of America’s Civil War to craft an adventure saga inspired by a pocket-sized journal his great-grandfather kept during that time. Ed Canfield, a Mexican War veteran, returns... Read More

Book Review

The Color of Lies

by Heather Seggel

Schoolteacher Molly Culpepper has placed her faith in the basic goodness of her Georgia hometown. Widowed at forty with two sons, church, school and family are what keep her grounded and on track. When a colleague writes a racial slur on... Read More

Book Review

Hurt Machine

by Elizabeth Breau

When hard-boiled private investigator Moe Prager embarks on what seems a fool’s quest to find the murderer of Alta Conseco, his ex-wife’s sister, he has just received a dire prognosis from his oncologist. Welcoming the distraction... Read More

Book Review

Cities for People

by J. G. Stinson

What would a modern city look like if it was designed around people instead of traffic, around public spaces instead of roads? Why are some European cities so full of people walking and cycling? Architect and author Jan Gehl presents a... Read More

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