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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 274 pages.

Book Review

The Water Tower Club

by Mari Carlson

In this coming-of-age crime novel, suspense and tension run high, and chapters often end on cliffhangers. In B.K. Mayo’s "The Water Tower Club", true-to-life characters face the dark side of their small town with fear and conviction.... Read More

Book Review

An Uncut Diamond

by Karen Rigby

This tough yet valuable memoir reveals a woman who overcame a harsh upbringing; learning to love herself becomes an act of courage. At once an origin story and a journey into academia, "An Uncut Diamond" traverses history with arresting... Read More

Book Review

The House of Erzulie

by Mya Alexice

Kirsten Imani Kasai weaves a spellbinding tale in "The House of Erzulie", intertwining elements of horror and erotica expertly. Purposeful discomfort abounds in this eerie novel that brims with masterful, uncanny language. Part of the... Read More

Book Review


by Barry Silverstein

This book will be of major significance to senior managers who want to apply sophisticated thinking. "Gear-Up!" by Mark van Dongen is a thorough if somewhat academic treatise on leadership development in business. Van Dongen’s... Read More

Book Review


by Amanda Adams

"Suckle" is an ambitious look at the decisions made by a man struck with an extraordinary talent. An outlandish exploration of the ways loneliness, love, and loss manifest themselves in a seemingly ordinary man, "Suckle", by Benjamin... Read More

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