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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 260 pages.

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Book Review

Record Scratch

by John M. Murray

J. J. Hensley’s enthralling detective novel "Record Scratch" blends music, violence, and mental health. While working as an undercover cop, Trevor Galloway was tortured with heroin; now, he can not only invoke visions of crime scenes,... Read More

Book Review

Selling to China

by Ho Lin

"Selling to China" is an engaging, authoritative guide that provides many useful tips for building a business in China that can last. When it comes to selling products in modern China, sometimes what a company thinks it knows, based on... Read More

Book Review

On the Future

by Rebecca Foster

Martin Rees has been England’s Astronomer Royal since 1995; he also taught at Cambridge University. With his prestigious scientific background, he is well-positioned to comment on the opportunities and threats that humanity faces in... Read More

Book Review

Kick-Ass Kinda Girl

by Aimee Jodoin

"Kick-Ass Kinda Girl" is an entertaining roller coaster of a memoir whose second half will be particularly pertinent to caregivers. From being childhood friends with Lucille Ball’s daughter to becoming acquainted with President George... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"SELF-ish" is Chloe Schwenke’s memoir, following her journey from a male upbringing to life as a woman. From reflections on identity to the reactions of coworkers, family, and friends, this candid account walks an exhilarating,... Read More

Book Review

Meet Me in the Strange

by Hannah Hohman

In an intoxicating swirl of futuristic imagery and existential inner reflection, "Meet Me in the Strange" treats music and spirituality as one and the same. Davi lives in a wondrous hotel in a city filled with oddities and beauties. In... Read More

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