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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 260 pages.

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"Transformative" details methods for innovating one’s organizational marketplace. William Kilmer’s business book "Transformative" shares innovative strategies for organizational success. Kilmer reports that evolving digital... Read More

Book Review

DNA Smugglers

by Manik Chaturmutha

"DNA Smugglers" is an emotional thriller in which a woman travels through time to right scientific wrongs. In C. Argon’s futuristic thriller "DNA Smugglers", scientific interference obscures people’s basic instincts, leading to... Read More

Book Review

Path of the Raven

by Samantha Ann Ehle

Fans of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and other world-building enterprises will be inspired by this winning fantasy novel. Devon Manning’s ace sword and sorcery fantasy novel The Path of the Raven follows three motley heroes as they... Read More

Book Review

Mirror in the Sky

by Mari Carlson

In "Mirror in the Sky", Simon Morrison traces the development of Stevie Nicks’s artistic persona via a perusal of her music. After a brief outline of Nicks’s early life in the American West, the book follows her artistic development,... Read More

Book Review

Half In

by Kristine Morris

Coming-of-age and coming out collide in Felice Cohen’s poignant memoir "Half In". When Cohen was a twenty-three-year-old recent college graduate, she faced her future with uncertainty. She hoped to become a full-time professional... Read More

Book Review

Half Outlaw

by Karen Rigby

A woman faces a personal reckoning in "Half Outlaw", a touching novel about what it’s like to reject—or embrace—complicated people. An orphaned woman reckons with her troubled upbringing in Alex Temblador’s visceral novel "Half... Read More

Book Review

The Escalator

by Mari Carlson

"The Escalator" is a sympathetic novel in which a peculiar family is impacted by the predicaments of an era. In Andrew Budden’s novel Escalator, a family’s period of mourning is complicated by Brexit and a pandemic. William was a... Read More

Book Review

The 6ixth Evolution

by Edith Wairimu

Responding to contemporary economic strains, the ambitious business book "The 6ixth Evolution" proposes means of restoring macro systems—and of prospering despite economic convulsions. Larry G. Straub’s ambitious career guide "The... Read More

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