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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 258 pages.

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Book Review

The Secret Box

by Karen Rigby

This modern romance features characters with darker edges even as it delivers a message of second chances and hope. In "The Secret Box", a debut romance by Elizabeth Aguilar, youthful missteps haunt Elizabeth Agustín, a... Read More

Book Review

Armor of Glass

by Maya Fleischmann

Keen observations are powerful and build a sense of imagery to reveal how one man’s struggles have shaped his perspective. Author R. M. A. Spears explores themes of machismo and being a man, while shedding light on military culture, in... Read More

Book Review

The Last of the Firefighters

by Jill Allen

Universal struggles of balancing family and work put this futuristic novel of firefighting technology into context. Many of us feel gratitude for the technological gains made in our lifetime. But with these advances come drawbacks; many... Read More

Book Review

Dracaena Marginata

by Kristine Morris

The effects of discrimination are evident throughout these boys’ journeys to manhood, making for a compelling and poignant tale. Alessandro (Sandy) Morelli and Rigley Potter are unlikely friends, drawn together by some strange alchemy... Read More

Book Review

Lies to Die For

by Gary Presley

Thiede is a solid writer, cleverly guiding us along an original plot, unfolding the mystery with realistic action. Detective Max Larkin pursues another serial killer in Todd M. Thiede’s "Lies to Die For", a second mystery featuring... Read More

Book Review

The Queerling

by Carrie Wallace

Gary is at the height of his literary powers, producing a character and a story that feels viscerally authentic long after the reality-bending conclusion. Having declared his pen name “Oskar Caulfield,” the character Preston Nesbitt... Read More

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