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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 258 pages.

Book Review

Anybody Home?

by John M. Murray

In Michael J. Seidlinger’s chilling novel "Anybody Home?", a quiet suburban home is the stage for a terrifying invasion. In this surreal version of modern life, home invasions are watched with glee behind closed doors. Here, an unnamed... Read More

Book Review

The Curious Case of Seaman Garber

by Karen Rigby

"The Curious Case of Seaman Garber" is a reflective novel in which a thoughtful boy works to understand a reclusive veteran’s story. The discovery of a dead Vietnam veteran hastens a boy’s maturation in B.K. Mayo’s engrossing novel... Read More

Book Review

Mermaid Tears

by Vivian Turnbull

"Mermaid Tears" is a touching middle grade story about the hard work of self-acceptance in the face of challenges. Wrought with symbolism and heartache, Susan L. Read’s "Mermaid Tears" is a middle grade novel about a young girl... Read More

Book Review

Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun

by Ho Lin

Packed with violence and mordant humor, Jeff Chon’s novel "Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun" is unsparing in delivering cutting commentary about contemporary America. When Scott, a disgraced former high school teacher, invades a pizza... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

Philip Chan’s bilingual self-help book is a thoughtful guide to achieving balance. Philip Chan’s self-help book "Enlighten" draws from personal experiences and traditional Chinese wisdom to forward useful advice for achieving... Read More

Book Review

Emerald Knight

by John M. Murray

Sorcerers, ancient dragons, and careful showdowns make this morality tale fascinating. In J. M. Sampson’s historical fantasy of heroic proportions, "Emerald Knight", a knight with rigid morals protects innocents and thwarts evil. In... Read More

Book Review

Green's Discovery

by Eileen Gonzalez

Green’s Discovery is, in some ways, the ultimate fantasy: a group of all-powerful aliens arrive, able and willing to fix every major problem on Earth. Alien visitors transform Earth into a proto-utopia in R. W. Karp’s science fiction... Read More

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