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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 243 pages.

Book Review

Central City

by John M. Murray

Though its circumstances are harsh, "Central City" is a thriller with surprising heart. In Indy Perro’s noir thriller "Central City", the mounting death count of so-called “undesirables” overshadows gang violence as cops and... Read More

Book Review

Finding Sylvia

by Katerie Prior

"Finding Sylvia" is a thoroughly modern romance, both deep and complex. Alan Shayne’s "Finding Sylvia" is an unexpected romance, both a universal reflection of searching for love and a portrait of a man enraptured by an enigmatic... Read More

Book Review


by Anna Call

Sardonic and painfully entertaining, "Nonprofit" is gallows humor for the public sector. In tackling the bitter subject of nonprofit fraud, Matt Burriesci’s "Nonprofit" is so agonizingly funny that do-gooders of all stripes will grind... Read More

Book Review

Fortune's Mail

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Through a fortunate discovery by our investigative branch, we were able to locate many parcels of mail determined to have been lost. As required by law and our obligation to you, we are completing the service you have entrusted us... Read More

Book Review


by Christopher Soden

"Budge" is one of the more quirky, unconventional, picaresque novels to come along in a while. It can be pleasurable, if the reader is willing to roll with Osborne’s approach to prose, which is original, if not necessarily expedient.... Read More

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