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Endless Awakening

Time, Paradox, and the Path to Enlightenment

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Endless Awakening is an insightful spiritual guide that treats paradoxes and material realities as sources of joy and freedom.

Spiritual counselor and intuitive Patrick Paul Garlinger’s body, mind, and spirit guide Endless Awakening is about finding peace by embracing the paradoxes of human life.

Here, the “spiritual journey” is not a journey at all—there is no linear progression from a state of separation and brokenness to a final destination of unity and wholeness implied. Instead of spiritual shibboleths, the book presents negative experiences and emotions as portals to healing. It asserts that pain is normal and does not have to turn into suffering, and that cultivating love for one’s whole self requires treating the body as a vessel of divine love.

This book is incisive when it comes to addressing spiritual teachings that it says do not align with people’s real-life experiences or that don’t help people to make sense of common paradoxes. It does not valorize the absence of pain or the eschewal of desire. To fill the space of these common spiritual paths, the book shares practical guidance for exploring paradoxes and seeing how they play out in real life. Its view of human emotions is that they are the body’s way of communicating information, but that most people do not know how to listen to and learn from them.

Knowing that compassion is requisite for healing and personal growth, the book includes intimate descriptions of Garlinger’s personal breakthrough moments and events. Though disturbing at times, they are articulated with humility and function as powerful examples of what confrontations with the shadow side of life might entail. They include instances of spiritual breakthroughs facilitated by ayahuasca; visions, feelings of infinity, and a kundalini rising experience; and experiences of clairaudience, claircognizance, and channeling.

Because the narrative is so potent, it is best taken in small doses. Its topics are complex and multifaceted; they encourage extended contemplation. For example, the book examines the pervasive struggle to find a single mission or purpose in life; in doing so, it suggests a paradox, claiming that there is freedom of choice but that any choice made will fall within the divine’s rich, complex, meaningful vision for each individual. “Think of it as fate with infinite destinations,” it says: no choice is wrong, and all of them lead to growth.

Endless Awakening is an insightful spiritual guide that treats paradoxes and material realities as sources of joy and freedom.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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