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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 239 pages.

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

In the mystery novel "Spinifex", a naturalist is murdered in the vibrant Australian Outback. In John Grant’s engrossing mystery novel "Spinifex", a naturalist searching for an elusive parrot is murdered in the Australian Outback.... Read More

Book Review

Halo around the Moon

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Halo around the Moon" is a dark mystery novel that focuses on the strange, unpredictable ways in which events and people are connected. A grisly murder triggers a series of violent events in Matt Ritter’s mystery novel "Halo around... Read More

Book Review

The Water Column

by Ho Lin

An imaginative thriller, "The Water Column" suggests more rousing adventures to come. Aran Jane’s "The Water Column" plunges into a mystery from the get-go. Wolf Holzinger appears in a student’s Chicago high-rise apartment seemingly... Read More

Book Review

The Equilibrist II

by Kristine Morris

A biographical story and a teaching experiment, this text muses that art might be the key to maintaining balance through hardships. An esteemed English professor casts aside the standard curriculum, using his own story of love lost and... Read More

Book Review

Island Home

by Anna Call

"Island Home" is a lyrical and artistic look into the human relationship to landscape, especially in Australia. Part memoir, part ode, it combines a strong sense of place with a reflection on the personal impact of land, and of what... Read More

Book Review

The Time Box

by Stephanie Bucklin

Twelve-year-old Thomas Adkins Johnson finds his world changed forever when he goes on a sixth grade field trip to a local planetarium. Expanding and contracting, the field trip marks his transition into a new adulthood full of issues... Read More

Book Review

Our Portion

by Matt Sutherland

Intensely cerebral, alive to every facet of his life’s pleasures, convictions, and ironies, Philip Terman has authored eight collections of poetry and chapbooks, and earned the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award, the Sow’s Ear Prize, and... Read More

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