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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 239 pages.

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Book Review

The Jewish Dog

by Jeff Fleischer

Kravitz’s canine narrator describes the events around him without understanding their full impact, offering a new perspective on the Holocaust. With "The Jewish Dog", Asher Kravitz succeeds in the difficult task of finding a new... Read More

Book Review

Silent Partner

by Allyce Amidon

In Stan Schatt’s "Silent Partner", a tabloid reporter into S&M and his lover of the week are found dead in a motel room, and Detective Frankie Ryan is back on duty just in time to get the case. As a woman in a male-dominated... Read More

Book Review

Blood Orange Soda

by Beth VanHouten

Larranaga has crafted a quality book with believable characters, even if some of them are vampires. "Blood Orange Soda", by James Michael Larranaga, is a coming-of-age young adult novel about a teenage vampire in the American Midwest.... Read More

Book Review

Reinvent the Heal

by Sheila M. Trask

Giving the health care system a thorough checkup, James T. Hansen diagnoses modern medicine with a critical loss of human connection, leading to poor outcomes for patients and physicians alike. In his memoir, Reinvent the Heal: A... Read More

Book Review

Dark Dawning

by Sheila M. Trask

It is 2034, and fighting factions struggle to gain control of dwindling fuel supplies in Dark Dawning: The Oil is Running Out, Auguste Dinoto’s debut novel. Catastrophic earthquakes in the Mediterranean Sea take out much of the... Read More

Book Review


by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Change your mind – change your life.” Matthew D Harding is a philosophical consultant who runs Hybris Think Tank. In an online interview Harding states that Introductions…A Story about God will affect its readers because “it... Read More

Book Review

The Mystery of Table Mountain

by Gary Presley

Fans of the Western genre might expect a stoic hero astride a trusty horse intent on setting things right. They’ll get a measure of that in The Mystery of Table Mountain, but William Post’s first volume in a proposed trilogy is... Read More

Book Review


Crossing from one world to another is a trope of the memoir "Ghostbread", this year’s winner of Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Award for Creative Nonfiction. But Sonja Livingston is no mere tourist of the past; as... Read More

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