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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 218 pages.

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Book Review

The King of the Sea Monkeys

by Jason Henninger

A complex narrative style reflects the brokenness of a man recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. Looking both intellectually and intimately at a life unraveling, Mark E. Cull’s "The King of the Sea Monkeys" is in turns surreal,... Read More

Book Review

Cristo by Cristo

by Sonya Lovy

This allegorical retelling of Christ’s travels offers an overview of his accomplishments. Cristo is a wanderer—a Jewish, fatherless man on the outskirts of society. On his travels, he is accompanied by nothing but his own thoughts on... Read More

Book Review

I Have Not Answered

by Peter Dabbene

Ghostly and symbolic, the Scottish island setting gives this supernatural tale authenticity. The Shetland Islands of Scotland are remote and relatively isolated—the perfect setting for Adam Grydehøj’s novel of the supernatural, "I... Read More

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