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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 218 pages.

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Book Review

The Creator's Way

by Sarah White

Short pieces allow for meditation and taking action, moving audiences to improve their outlooks one reading at a time. South African metaphysician Theoni Moraitis’s The Creator’s Way: World Ego and Spirit Soul is an engaging,... Read More

Book Review

Dialogue with the Self

by Angela McQuay

"Dialogue with the Self" presents a compelling and intriguing look into what mankind should be aspiring to. "Dialogue with the Self" is a deep and thought-provoking journey through the mythical utopian city of Niyod. In this spiritual... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

A tight-knit cast of teens is swept into a strange land in this exciting fantasy. John Lovell’s Asora: The Sword of Barra is a compelling fantasy about six teenagers thrown from their world into the land of Asora, where they learn to... Read More

Book Review

The King of the Sea Monkeys

by Jason Henninger

A complex narrative style reflects the brokenness of a man recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. Looking both intellectually and intimately at a life unraveling, Mark E. Cull’s "The King of the Sea Monkeys" is in turns surreal,... Read More

Book Review

Cristo by Cristo

by Sonya Lovy

This allegorical retelling of Christ’s travels offers an overview of his accomplishments. Cristo is a wanderer—a Jewish, fatherless man on the outskirts of society. On his travels, he is accompanied by nothing but his own thoughts on... Read More

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